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1stJul 21, 2014 by Gabriel24
Top 4 People Who Think They're Better Than Everyone Else

After a long anticipated wait, here are the people who come up as the top 4.

#4 Zeptis

#3 Aquamarine

#2 Donaam

#1 Shayybayy

Congratulations to you all, you have unlocked the achievement "No Life" for creating a top 51 list together that no one essentially cares about and wasted a bunch of time doing! Have a great day ya'll

P.S. I don't dislike any of you! (just so you don't think I'm mad or anything towards yall)
P.S.S  Oh wait I kinda dislike Shay for hating me cause i'm better than her at binb
P.S.S.S I just wasted 3 minutes writing this blog so yeah... see ya!


Get them!!!!!
Sent by Dash,Jul 21, 2014
it took you 3 minutes to write that?

nice 4rd grade typing skills BROSKI
Sent by MickJagger,Jul 21, 2014
Sent by Bradyman7,Jul 21, 2014
i care about the list

i mean only because i'm excited to get a blog dedicated to how much i love myself
Sent by Steel,Jul 21, 2014
zeptis should be number one tbh.
Sent by HeavyRain,Jul 21, 2014
wow stop spoiling our list !
Sent by donaam,Jul 21, 2014
Steel get in line bitch because I have been number 1 on all their lists and this will not change < 3
Sent by A_La_Fac,Jul 21, 2014
i should have been #1
Sent by Aquamarine,Jul 21, 2014
he should have been #1 ^
Sent by JamesM,Jul 21, 2014
Steel's comment made me smile.
Sent by Diva1,Jul 21, 2014
the french canadians were robbed
Sent by chibideidara,Jul 21, 2014
Sent by Minie,Jul 22, 2014
Hahahahahaha gabe
Sent by brosky17,Jul 22, 2014
No Kidding
Sent by PepperParker,Jul 22, 2014
werk! I would have said jenniferr
Sent by panda6785,Jul 22, 2014
Sent by SomebodyAwesome,Jul 22, 2014

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