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  1. ty for the gift :)
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  3. Who wants to join survivor with me? :)
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  9. im still alive
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  11. beached = cheater
  12. im actually insane wtf
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  17. Health: 65 %
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  19. RIP Qooper
  20. A Wild Rhino has appeared!
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  23. THANK YOU 53.1% <3
  24. I made a cover a while back
  25. I just scored 2716 in Words!
  26. Complete. ✓

19thMar 5, 2014 by Gabriel24

So don't judge guys, I made this after a long day, I had a badminton tournament all day (Won 2nd btw woot) and had a project to do so I'm aware I look like crap. Just wanted to make a quick vlog thanking all my lovely supporters and tried to something cool for all of you. (SKIP TO 1:10 IF YOU JUST WANT TO SEE ME SOLVE A RUBIK'S CUBE) hope you guys enjoy, if you wanna save me, go ahead and click on Gerard's button in the link below, if you want to evict me then press mine :P
Gerard ily and I'll be happy if you stay but will be happier if I stay of course. Btw when are we calling?!? =]

Comments're on survivor and you're in a nice bedroom???
Sent by tyboy618,Mar 5, 2014
-15 for being annoying and hypocritical.
Sent by Kentuckyy,Mar 5, 2014
wtf how did u solve tht
Sent by LunaPark,Mar 6, 2014
Sent by garrievans97,Mar 20, 2014

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