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Survivor tributes

Sep 12, 2015 by Gabriel24
imageAbout 4 days ago, I was evicted from my survivor tribe, resulting the end of my 23 merge streak. It's not a high streak but I felt the need to say a few things to certain people that I had the pleasure (and displeasure for some) of spending 4 months with, on the tribe. So here it goes!

krrais - Although we didn't speak much during your time on the tribe, you did good! It sucks that you felt the need to take a break, resulting in us having to evict you.. otherwise you probably would've stayed a for a while longer! See you around man!

Sludge - I think you were with us for 4 merges? You expected to go out first but as we 10'ed three tribes in a row, you got to know us a bit and it was fun having you around! I'm glad to have met you, sorry you got involved with a bunch of drama when you got evicted!

#Qooper - Unfortunately you are permed now and I doubt you will see this message but oh gosh Coop what can I say. You have been a good friend of mine for a majority of my time on the site. You are recognized as a cheater and some people dislike you but underneath your online personality, you're a good person with a bit of sass but I like that! I loved merging for a while with you, I tried everything to try and prevent you from going but despite my efforts, we couldn't save you. Stay in touch!

TheJohnny - Oh my friend Ojani, you have been my friend for a while on this site aswell! You are such a genuinely kind person and have a big heart. You're also pretty smart! I was so happy that you were able to merge on and it sucks that you just came at bad timing and you left way too early. Now that I'm out though, maybe we can join again soon, miss you buddy! Never fear to hit me up on skype or whenever, we always get along well :)

zabbie - We merged for 2 months together and didn't speak a single time I don't think haha but non the less, you are Jalli's mom and seem very nice. It was nice having you around but drama happened and the tribe was split into two, nobody wanted to evict each other and sadly you left because of it. (partly my fault aswell sorry!)

Aquamarine - Once you merged on with Brendon & Steve, and that zabbie got evicted over you guys, I knew the sides were split and it would be hard to get ya'll out. (not that I necessarily wanted to, but because I wanted to insure my safety on the tribe). ANYWAYS, Jamie & Impax were able to pull out a move, resulting in your eviction so part of me feels bad because I don't believe that was fair to you, but another part of me doesn't care because you made a blog accusing me of cheating when I thought we were friends so that kinda threw me off. Regardless, I know I'll see you around the site somewhere!

BrendonByrne - Not sure if you remember, but we joined together with Jamie and a few others. It was a cool few merges but our core wasn't very solid and you were evicted a few merges later. I'm not sure what you think of me but I don't have any problem with you. In the end, I understand we were on opposite sides and you're the lucky one that didn't get evicted in the algo vote.

sjsoccer88 - You are one hell of a survivor player. Already having a certain accomplishment on this site, I knew it would be tough. When you merged, I knew things were gonna go to shit between you and jamie, Although I don't have any problems with you personally, I have to support my bestfriend. Like I said to Brendon, I understand we were on opposite sides and that you voted me, I don't believe it was my time to go but it's over now so can't undo the past. Congrats on stealing a steady spot in the core.

IceCaps - Never had a problem with you Laura, it was nice getting to merge for a while together. I don't find it fair that you voted me over Brendon and I don't quite understand it. I'm a little upset because I didn't expect that from you but anyways, there was more good than bad that came from you so thanks for having my back for the merges before that.

~~~Last Four Tributes~~~

PSULucky - Dave you are such a wonderful survivor player, ally, and friend. You are great all-around with challenges, and I'm glad Coop had chosen you to merge. I got to know you a little better and I'm really happy you merged with me even tho i was a bit too short for my liking. Honestly I hope we keep in touch and if ever you get out and want to join again with me, I'd love to have by my side!

Jallina15 - Jallina you have always been good to me. This isn't our first mergestreak together and I'm happy you took me & jamie in the core and had the chance to merge together for 4 months. You are incredible, when everyone gets mad, you usually keep your cool and try to solve the problem. You took care of the food chart for most merges which helps a lot (thanks!) You're just so easy to talk to and I'm glad I had you as a good, loyal friend that never ceases to amaze me!

LucyX3Jean - I don't even know where to start with you. Before being on the same tribe together, we already disliked each other so that wasn't a good start. We do not get along because we are very different people with different opinions and values that's alright. I honestly don't understand you. You are literally arrogant and have this bitchy attitude ALL. THE. TIME. You complain over the stupidest stuff. I should be careful with my spelling, otherwise you'll feel the need to correct me! I don't understand how you're such great friends with Jallina & Laura because they are optimistic people and on the other hand, you are soooooooooooooooo negative with everyone and everything. I just wish you could be a little nicer not just with me, but with people in general. I find it sad because having an attitude like that doesn't make people like you. Finally, as you already know I got evicted because of you. So congrats on getting rid of your strongest comp player, now the tribe looks more into you and Steve's favor. I will be coming back with a vengeance though, so I hope it was worth it.

JordanLloydFan - Last but not least we have Jamie. We joined this together. You were my #1 ultimate ally/friend throughout these 4 months. It wouldn't of been the same without you. I'm so glad we got to get as close as we are today. Despite the ups and downs of frustration and you wanting to quit a few times, I always supported you and reminded you that we were in this together and that I wasn't gonna just let you quit. We spent lots of time talking trying to figure out strategies and work this game to put ourselves in the best scenario possible. In a unfortunate terms of events, I got evicted in a 4-4 algo tie and we are now separated. I know you wanted to quit once I got out because you dont enjoy the game as much without me but like I told you, I want you to keep pushing and hold that mergestreak as long as you can because that's what I would've done, and accomplish that goal we talked about! Thanks for always having my back and hopefully I'll meet you in a game soon. I know we'll keep in contact though because you text me almost everyday. Can't wait to meet you and VoLcOmVaNs in person, we'll have a blast. Love ya bro, kill it!

tl;dr - I got evicted for 11th in my survivor tribe a few days ago, putting an end to my 23 mergestreak. Thanks to the few people who i really enjoyed merging with for 4 months, and a nice fuck you and have a nice day to LucyX3jean!


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Sent by unkown,Sep 12, 2015
Miss you on the tribe already! I hope you'll make it back on one day (without destroying us kty) because I always enjoy playing surv with you :)
Sent by Jallina15,Sep 12, 2015
I love you gabey < 3
Survivor sucks without you, it's bullshit you got evicted over people who joined against us to hurt us. The tribe dynamic without you sucks and I hope you are able to make it back because I would love nothing more than you returning to a spot that was rightfully yours.
Sent by JordanLloydFan,Sep 12, 2015
i don't have a major issue with you I just got annoyed that you drank the water and then decided to sit because of being bitter about comments or something..(don't even really know the full story as to why you decided to sit)  your a good competitor but I think your social game could have probably kept you in the game longer if you didn't overreact to certain things like jamie does...just like on this tribe forever ago I remember you were evicted for social reasons
but as far as a competitor goes you score very well haha and i wouldn't mind being on a tribe with you down the road if you were on my side obviously. gabriel24
Sent by BrendonByrne,Sep 12, 2015
I'm sorry how the end of your merge streak played out and honestly i know you didn't deserve it to be ended that way and to be betrayed by me, i do feel a little guilty about it but i had my own reasons. Firstly i was extremely pissed that day because of jamies plan with impax..IMO there was absolutely no reason for that and that's what ultimately led me to make the decision i did.

I knew jamie protected you more than anyone on this tribe and i honestly never felt protected by either of you personally but only because i'm married to Jallina so you guys probably knew she would be pissed if you got me out etc. On the other hand i know 100% that Lucy would never do that to me and i felt more protected that way. I felt let down by you sometimes, missing challenges and causing us to lose for no reason and then the whole impax suiciding i didn't feel like i could trust you or jamie to try and do something else.

Overall I think you're a great guy (except you're frustrating as hell when it comes to playing challenges lol) I truly am sorry you got stuck in this cross fire, maybe you will make it back on the tribe sometime in the future or when we all get out we can rejoin and start a fresh. Good luck in what ever you decide and sorry again
Sent by IceCaps,Sep 12, 2015
aww Gabe thank you for that tribute ily! I love playing with you because frankly I never have to worry about not trusting you EVER, it's just something that comes naturally now whenever we're on a tribe together, which is pretty sweet. I'm gonna miss you man and I really miss having you on the tribe. I think you're a superb player regardless of anything that happened or will happen and I hope to enjoy many many more merges with you to come. And yeah, if we're out at the same time I'll deffo join with you!!
Sent by PSULucky,Sep 12, 2015
If you're an asshole to me, I'm not gonna be all rainbows and butterflies around you. Anything that was said to you as a joke, led to your little phrase of "fuck off" and it wasn't just me who you said it to. Maybe you should lighten up and learn how to take jokes, because I wasn't always bitchy towards you until you started to act like a little prick. I'm also not negative at all, I try and make things work as best I can. But ya, congrats to me for not getting rid of our best scorer, but getting rid of someone who is unreliable when it comes to doing challenges. Just know, it's the decisions Jamie made that led to you getting out xo
Sent by LucyX3Jean,Sep 12, 2015

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