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THANK YOU 53.1% <3

13thJul 23, 2015 by Gabriel24
imageHi everyone,

I wanted to start off by saying it's been over a YEAR since I last played stars, crazy right!? I am currently nommed in stars for 8th against my good friend and ally EricCartman. Since the beginning of this game, people have trying so hard to get me up because they think I am a big threat to their game. Every time I've heard my name going around, I instantly countered their attacks and saved myself from being nominated. I've been working with a tight group of 6 if you haven't noticed already as 6/9 of us were all unnommed before today. I know EXACTLY why I'm up, and WHO got me up.

Please save me Tengaged, let me get my revenge on these people & support me this one time. I will work hard for the rest of this game because I am DETERMINED to make finals! This game is about to turn upside down. So save me by clicking AJ's button here -->

I have a vlog coming soon, so stay tuned...did you miss me boo boo's? xo


aww good luck < 333
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Jul 23, 2015

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