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Blood vs Water Results!

Sep 8, 2022 by CoachWade
Congratulations again to Gaiaphagee for pulling out the win! 

Special thanks to Kirstie/ CarolinaSteele for helping me host! ❤️

Brady’s Survivor S9  🩸Blood vs Water Placements:
22nd: JB/ _JB_ Apollo (10-2). Day 3
21st/20th: Jade/ moretimer  Apollo (*10-0). Day 4
21st/20th: Honey/ honeybunch1 Artemis (10-1). Day 4
19th: Tim/ lionsden121. Artemis (8-3). Day 5
————TRIBE SWAP—————————————
18th: Bryan/ iTy990. Artemis, Black Death (5-2). Day 6
17th: Cody/ kingjames13. Artemis, Apollo (4-3). Day 8
16th: Tomathan/ tbrown_47 Apollo, Apollo (4-1). Day 9
15th: Eric/ awwsum11. Apollo, Zeus (3-1-1). Day 9
————TRIBE SWAP—————————————
14th: Josh/ joshbb17. Apollo, Apollo, Apollo (7-1). Day 11
13th: Jake C/ ouijake Artemis, Zeus, Apollo, Leto (8-5). Day 13. First member of jury.
12th: Jayson/ BBlover96. Apollo, Artemis, Artemis, Leto (7-5). Day 15. Second member of jury.
11th: Pugh/ Reality_warped Apollo, Artemis, Artemis, Leto (5-4-3). Day 16. Third member of jury.
10th: James/ PoohSnap Apollo, Artemis, Apollo, Leto (6-4-1). Day 16. Fourth member of jury.
9th: Jake/ jakehou97  Artemis, Artemis, Apollo, Leto (6-2). Day 18. Fifth member of jury.
8th: Akshar/ Jameslu Artemis, Zeus, Apollo, Leto (4-2-2). Day 20. Sixth member of jury.
7th: Scott/ gbpackXLVchamps Artemis, Zeus, Apollo, Leto (4-3). Day 21. Seventh member of jury.
6th: Julio/ OhNatalie Artemis, Apollo, Artemis, Leto (3-2-1). Day 23. Eighth member of jury.
5th: Sea/ SeaViper Apollo, Apollo, Artemis, Leto (3-2). Day 24. Ninth member of jury.
4th: Michael/ stuartlittle16  Apollo, Artemis, Artemis, Leto (3-1). Day 24. Tenth member of jury.
——-FINAL THREE——————————————
3rd: Jay/ Jaybirdnifty  Artemis, Zeus, Artemis, Leto. Day 25— 0 votes to win
2nd: Ryan/ ryan5676 Artemis, Artemis, Apollo, Leto. Day 25— 2 votes to win
1st: Chris/ Gaiaphagee Apollo, Apollo, Artemis, Leto. Day 25— 8 votes to win.


Sent by Booyahhayoob,Sep 8, 2022
not too shabby!
Sent by Jameslu,Sep 8, 2022
Amazing winner!!! And amazing host I get to work with on all these adventures ❤️❤️
Sent by CarolinaSteele,Sep 8, 2022
Sent by SeaViper,Sep 9, 2022

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