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Survivor Worlds Collide | Cast

1stDec 18, 2022 by CoachWade
Well it’s that time! After months of planning, myself carolinasteele and tokio have made it happen. We have crossed paths and will be hosting together!

Here is the cast list for Worlds Collide! I’m sure it’ll be a great season!

Intro Video:

C & A’s
Absolita/ Absol (LONE WOLF)
Ethan/ gethann (VILLAIN)
Garrett/ Garrett5 (WILD CARD)
Rob/ MrRobzilla (DARK HORSE)
Tim/ lionsden121 (STRATEGIST)
Tyler/ Tbart (SOCIALITE)
Wender/ icyz (PROTEGE)
Yung/ Yunggunzkeep18 (HERO)

Alfie/ crazybone5000 (VILLAIN)
Chris/ Gaiaphagee (LONE WOLF)
Dar/ mddarwisyyy (WILD CARD)
Jabbar/ rabbaj (STRATEGIST)
Michael/ Rinzsuk (PROTEGE)
Robert/ Robson704 (LEGEND)
Tony/ tonym101101 (DARK HORSE)
Tyler V / VanHow10 (SOCIALITE)
Zach/ Dbonee (HERO)

Here is the group game page!



this looks like it’ll be a great game
Sent by keefe,Dec 18, 2022
Can’t wait! keefe
Sent by CoachWade,Dec 18, 2022
<3 <3 <3
Sent by CarolinaSteele,Dec 18, 2022
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Dec 18, 2022
Sent by Yawnha,Dec 19, 2022
Ooh such a good cast I'll be rooting for gethann Crazybone5000 fireX and yunggunzkeep18 ♥️
Sent by cantevendougie,Dec 19, 2022
Sent by cantevendougie,Dec 19, 2022
ah thank you dougie! keep it fresh as always!
Sent by Yunggunzkeep18,Dec 19, 2022
I see the dono inspo ❤️
Sent by harrywasnak,Dec 19, 2022
cantevendougie i was banking on u being here king
Sent by crazybone5000,Dec 19, 2022
Nah I wish I've just been way to busy these days I don't think I would be able to commit but take the win for S3 crazybone5000 ♥️
Sent by cantevendougie,Dec 19, 2022

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