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BK’s Survivor Machu Pacchu— Apps Open!

Nov 1, 2022 by CoachWade
Apps Close Thursday Nov 3rd— 3 Spots Left!
⛰**Welcome to BK’s Survivor S10** ⛰

After a couple months off, we are back from Delos Island after Stoner took home the win in an 8-2 vote, finalizing an epic season. Now, we travel to Machu Picchu with 16 other castaways looking to make their mark on our series after 9 seasons.

**We have**:

**Incredible Hosts**: We are active as much as we can be. We are flexible and help our castaways as much as we can. Our season can be easily played during the school season ( CarolinaSteele)

**Different Challenges**:Our challenges are fun, but also on the easier side. Most won't take much time, and over half will be 24 Hour Non-Lives.

**Fun Postseason Content**: Including episode podcasts, confessional counts and much more!

**Active VL**: The VL is an active, kind and fun group! We have a big draft during the season, and more fun games.

If you apply for the season, I can assure you that you’re likely to get in!

Season starts on Tuesday, November 8th



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