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BBUS Winners Rainbow (Challenge)

Aug 19, 2018 by Birks4444
Alright, tengaged, I have a challenge for you all. Your goal is to name all of the BBUS Winners in the comments in ORDER of when they won. You can only post the name of ONE winner, meaning we will need 21 people to post names (19 seasons + BBOTT and CBBUS). I have a check list down below. THIS IS A TIMED CHALLENGE. Your timer starts NOW!!! (1:28 PM EST)

BB1 Winner (done by Latisha0987 at 1:34 PM)
BB2 Winner (done by koolness234 at 1:36 PM)
BB3 Winner (done by iYBF at 1:42 PM)
BB4 Winner (done by Sloth_Roman at 1:42 PM)
BB5 Winner (done by Juliann at 1:44 PM)
BB6 Winner (done by Jacadeux at 1:48 PM)
BB7 Winner (done by Russell11 at 1:48 PM)
BB8 Winner (done by kopycat at 1:50 PM)
BB9 Winner (done by Funnehliner at 1:54 PM)
BB10 Winner (done by MrBird at 1:57 PM)
BB11 Winner (done by Eoin at 2:03 PM)
BB12 Winner (done by EliOrtiz1234 at 2:05 PM)
BB13 Winner (done by yolo)
BB14 Winner (done by Jameslu)
BB15 Winner (done by Java9044 at 4:21 PM)
BB16 Winner (done by Temeky at 4:28 PM)
BB17 Winner (LMAO DONE BY NicoleF at 4:35 PM)
BB18 Winner (done by I_Sag_My_Pants_)
BBOTT Winner (done by CrimsonEnnui)
BB19 Winner (done by AdamLovesEverything)
CBBUS1 Winner (done by Kyreece13)

Finish Time: 9:25 PM EST



Eddie McGee
Sent by Latisha0987,Aug 19, 2018
will kirby
Sent by koolness234,Aug 19, 2018
Lisa Donahue.
Sent by iYBF,Aug 19, 2018
Jun Song
Sent by Sloth_Roman,Aug 19, 2018
Drew Daniel
Sent by Juliann,Aug 19, 2018
I had literally forgotten all about
Maggie Ausburn
Sent by Jacadeux,Aug 19, 2018
Mike Malin
Sent by Russell11,Aug 19, 2018
Dick Donato
Sent by Kopycat,Aug 19, 2018
Adam Jasinski
Sent by Funnehliner,Aug 19, 2018
Dan Gheesling
Sent by MrBird,Aug 19, 2018
Jordan Lloyd
Sent by Eoin,Aug 19, 2018
Hayden Moss
Sent by EliOrtiz1234,Aug 19, 2018
Rachel Reilly
Sent by yolo,Aug 19, 2018
Ian Terry
Sent by Jameslu,Aug 19, 2018
Andy Herren
Sent by Java9044,Aug 19, 2018
Derrick Levasseur
Sent by Temeky,Aug 19, 2018
Lis Nolan :)
Sent by NicoleF,Aug 19, 2018
Liz* Nolan
Sent by NicoleF,Aug 19, 2018
no it was steve the winner of bb17 but anyway

nicole franzel
Sent by I_Sag_My_Pants_,Aug 19, 2018
Morgan Willett
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Aug 19, 2018
Josh Martinez
Sent by AdamLovesEverything,Aug 19, 2018
Marissa Jaret Winokur
Sent by Kyreece13,Aug 19, 2018

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