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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


9thJan 24, 2022 by Birks4444
and ill tell you how solid our loyalty has been towards each other in games in the past (ranked on a scale from 0-10)

obviously this doesnt have anything to do with our personal relationship and pls dont comment if ive never played with u if you do i will just give u a 0


iiGalaxyii - Honestly im trying to think and I think its been kinda mixed LMAO?? Like I dont think we ever actively come for each other, but we're almost always on different sides. We have been loyal though I think, and I think we try to protect each other as much as possible, but that ends up being impossible bc of friend groups and stuff. Then again, ETC Total Madness was AWFUL for us. So i'm gonna go with a 5 but I think it would change in the future

Maxi1234 - im like trying so hard to think because its been so long since we've played together. I do remember you being so loyal in ORS: The Heist 2. I think we used to like go after each other in frooks though, there was I time where it was like you, winner and #EmzThorne vs me #BigBrother_78 , The Nerd Herd and Dev. That was like so long ago I can not remember but we started being loyal to each other. So recently its been very good and would be in any game in the future but based on the past i'd say a 6.

s73100 - OKAY LMAO I dont even know where to start. I think when I first joined this site I was beyond annoying even more-so than now and when we met in Nerd Herd we were not very loyal and I think I remember that translating to like 2018 tengaged survivor drama with me, you #Blujay112 MrBird #peace123 and others but like obviously we grew to like each other and then eventually became really close when I won 1984, and we were the 2 winners on prod together. That translated into the #Tablespoons (which btw i've finally ordered my hoodie for), where we were beyond loyal and basically since then, for more than a year, but especially the past year i've considered you my #1 in basically any game and you've always been just as loyal to me back. There have been minor blips and unwarranted mental breakdowns on my part but you've been beyond loyal. So there have been lows and while they dont really exist within the last year (other than ETC Double Agents), they are still included in the "past", so i'd have to take those into account, but I can easily say that my loyalty with you has been stronger than my loyalty with anyone else on this list, so it's an 8 overall, but as of now I would say a 10 (even though idk where we stand rn on a personal level). So yeah sorry for the essay but I think this one requires the most explanation. *moved up to a 9 upon re-examination* I did realize I went easier on people as the PYN progressed.

Bogmire - I dont remember playing with you sorry

hamburgerbunzz - My mother duh, this is weird bc it took a LONG time for us to actually play a game together. For such a long time in our friendship we were just each other's cheerleaders in different games. But so like literally 10 I think LMAO?? Its weird because I think we've only played 2 games together so like there is no "past". Im not gonna give you a 10 though bc that is too much, so I will knock us down a point for me working with Megan again after I said I wouldn't and you keeping the fact that Xanny voted for me a secret. But I think we have literally only played JRBB and a frooks together, and now survivor which is kinda insane because at this point I feel like i've known you for so long. So its a 9.

Bluejay7622 - I cant remember the last time we played together but duh obviously extremely loyal, forever and always. I honestly cant remember us ever being against each other. Maybe one or 2 instances of me taking Dev's side over yours in frooks like multiple years ago?? So i'm gonna say 9, extremely consistent and solid loyalty that is reciprocated both ways. It honestly has been soooo long though and im sorry for not playing Ian's with you I saw the message like a week later :3

DaddyDev - I will obviously be including that outlaster game. We dont play as much anymore but obviously like diehard loyal both ways. Frooks, Pinkbox, Reality Roulette, Roblox, like whatever the game format we have both been extremely loyal and I will admit I used to sheep you. But yeah you have never given me a reason to distrust me even tho I had every reason to be mad at you for what you did in Outlaster. Its a 9 but its your fault that it's not a 10.

Christian_ - Okay so first of all literally stfu it is not a 0. Secondly, giggles. Honestly before we were like friends you were an extremely disloyal gamebot and now you still are that but not disloyal, I am disloyal to you even though I do not intend to be. I did hate you because of your friend group when I was a kid on here and because of that we did like target each other in games, I remember Suitman's Infinity Crisis or whatever it was called, and other games at the time where we didn't have animosity towards each other but we would never work together. Now moving onto when we became friends I like let you go in JRBB10 and then you refused to speak with me for a year and that was very disloyal of me. But after that I proved my loyalty to you again in ETC: BOTS, Noah's The Challenge, etc. And then JRBB16 happened and I was fully intending on being loyal to you and did not mean to screw you over, but that did happen in me leaking the 5. But you were kinda also disloyal when u didnt vote for me so i wouldnt be a 2 time winner.... im kidding, its a low score and its MOSTLY my fault (at least all the recent times) but ily waves our little san marino flag and hugs so hard. Its a 3.

peace123 - Oh like SO loyal, it was a bit wonky at first when I wasn't the best fit in Nerd Herd and you would take foxy's side but after those initial first months like, SOOOO loyal, in any and every game but PARTICULARLY when we RAN 4 frooks in a row and made final 2s together every time like ugh it was masterful we need to recreate that era. Incredibly loyal, im giving you a NINE.

Thnksfrthmmrs Oh gosh honestly Julian, ZERO LMAO. We used to hate each other and I like you now obviously but that hatred translated to each and every game we were in together. It all started because of that one stars game with #MmabatlokoaMolefe and then it was YouTube Survivor and then it was LKB and JRBB and frooks and survivor get my point LMAO I dont think we have EVER been loyal to each other and I have no clue why we could never make it work. It has been a long time though and I think we would be loyal now.

DrPepsi - King, it has been a while but yes quite loyal in group games. I'm going to go with 6. The only reason its lower is because we've been aligned, but not each other's #1 allies. We've never really gone against each other and we always work together. Particularly remember being in an alliance with you and Hufus during our rookie season of ETC

Thumper91 - Its been so long that I literally have no distinct memory of us playing a game together but I know that whenever we did we were loyal to each other. It's a 6 just because I dont think we ever prioritized each other, but still very loyal in any game we played.

mbarnish1 - Okay so a VERY rocky road we used to be very loyal to each other and then there was some drama with maturo and we would target each other in every game (LKB twice) and frooks, but that was a long time ago and Survivor is definitely turning that around. So overall it has to be a 4 just because in the past we were disloyal more than we were loyal but now its definitely higher.

Jessie_ - We also have a bit of a rocky road but havent played together that much. We were very loyal to each other in frooks and would have taken each other to the end, and then I screwed you over the next time we played frooks. Now in Survivor we have been pretty loyal to each other, though I did hear from 2 people that you were throwing my name out, which would be understandable. So moving forwards, I am loyal to you but based on our 3 game resume it probably has to be a 4.

Voila - I dont remember playing with you sorry

NicoleF - Another VERY rocky road, we have definitely had a mixed experience. I remember you being a mortal enemy in Eviction Notice at times, while being a good ally at other times. Obviously within the past year-ish? I would say we always plan on being loyal to each other in games but the past has been VERY rocky and our loyalty wasnt good in nmh95 's game LMAO even though our jury alliance was cute. So based on just the overall past I would have to say 5 even though that has changed now.

Washed_Ravioli - Okay so almost always loyal but there are some minor instances. BEYOND loyal in LKB Survivor, like amazing, godly, wet pasta, ooey gooey cheese like AMAZING god tier loyal. But even beyond that you're just always loyal, like in Nathan's Big Brother. The only reason its not higher is because you have chosen people over me in games (particularly in frooks) and then the biggest thing is obviously what happened in 1984 8.5 The Mini. But overall based on history very loyal so like 8.

crimsonteer - Oh like utter dohgshit, like I love you and you are one of my close friends but its been SO bad recently LMAO even though I dont think it would be anymore, but roblox, followed by AMONG US in which you were just the most disgusting disloyal rat ever, followed by me being the most disgusting disloyal rat ever in ETC Rivals, followed by you being the most disgusting disloyal rat ever in Nathan's. But obviously like I will always be there for you and we have had our good times so it wont be a 0, its a 2 based on overall history.

MmabatlokoaMolefe - Oh honestly its been awful, we were pretty loyal in that Stars you slayed and I sheeped you until we turned on each other to be the last unnommed. I also remember you joining frooks a few times with your friends to get me out a couple times a few years ago. Then you sent me in 3 times in ETC and 3 times in ORS LMAO. Since then we've made a truce and been loyal for one game after that, but its been funnily horrendous for like 99% of the games we've played together so I have to give it a 1.

J2999 - Very cringe of you to always comment on my PYNs knowing you'll get the most praise so you wont be getting that this time. You are obviously my #1 in any and every game (with there being certain PAST exceptions looks), but like duh in any general game I would pick you over everyone else that has commented. The reason its not a 10 is honestly there has been a laundry list of exceptions LMAO but it has to be a 9 because the level of loyalty is just sky high. It is die hard loyalty. The exceptions are you being so pressed by me in @Burgerman292929 's Big Brother, our frooks rivalry era (honestly a given considering we joined both joined TG at like the exact same time) in 2017 and honestly 2018. Then there was me slaying you in Cutthroat for no reason and me voting for you in ETC Rivals. So LMAO you probably have more exceptions to the loyalty than anyone else in the die hard section, but like obviously I would be more loyal to you than all of them and it is reciprocated.

xcharliex - Easily extremely loyal, on both tengaged AND roblox. You were especially so loyal in noah_kondon 's The Challenge and thats where our loyalty was established and never dropped a beat. I will say though, it is struggling in sample size so I can't go extremely high, but as you said, you did slay this. You're extremely trustworthy and I think our reciprocated loyalty would be there in any given game. Its a 7.

Yandereboy12 - Very loyal across the board, in every game, so easily in the top half. The only reason it will be lower is because the only game we play together is frookies, so our loyalty hasn't been tested in other ways, but yeah in general, loyal! It's a 7, and its very consistent.

iSandeh - Again I have no clue where to start, I think we disliked each other at first and for a few games we were on opposite sides so we came for each other. We were disloyal for a bit of time just across the board. We became friends after we came for each other in ETC: The Gauntlet and then we were loyal for a bit. You were especially loyal in Kelly0412 's ORS: The Heist 2 and had my back and it was reciprocated. After that it was awful like we despised each other and came for each other in ETC: The Third Wheel, ETC: Double Agents and Kennel123 's game KTC: Bloodlines and it was pretty intense LMAO. I think we needed time apart and its all cool now but in terms of the past as a whole overall there have been probably double the amount of disloyal games than loyal, so i'm gonna have to go with 4.

*Stopping temporarily to make hot chocolate, im cold*



23. Voila (0/10)
22. Bogmire  (0/10)
21. Thnksfrthmmrs  (0/10)
20. MmabatlokoaMolefe (1/10)


19. crimsonteer (2/10)
18. Christian_ (3/10)
17. mbarnish1 (4/10)
16. Jessie_  (4/10)
15. iSandeh (4/10)

- MIXED TRULY 50/50 -

14. NicoleF (5/10)
13. iiGalaxyii  (5/10)


12. DrPepsi - (6/10)
11. Thumper91 (6/10)
10. Maxi1234 (6/10)
9. xcharliex (7/10)
8. Yandereboy12 (7/10)


7. Washed_Ravioli (8/10)
6. hamburgerbunzz (9/10)
5. Bluejay7622  (9/10)
4. peace123 (9/10)
3. s73100 (9/10)
2. DaddyDev (9/10)
1. J2999 (9/10)

Again, a reminder, this is not an accurate representation of how loyal we are to each other right NOW, its a summary of like all the games I've played that I can remember with you.


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honestly yes
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dev and i know this would be a 10 but you鈥檒l be cringe and include the outlaster
Sent by DaddyDev,Jan 24, 2022
if its anything but a 0 you are a liar
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Ohhhhhhhhh boy
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im updating but im taking my time on this one ladies
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Wait hi
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The way I鈥檝e never played among us with birks, everything else is true tho LMAO
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crimsonteer yeah do not make look crazy. you know what you did.
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Charlie we havnt played a lottt together but I think I slay this I do
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birks4444 fav outlaster duo
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Maybe me ?
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me lol
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ill be updating with a new blog tomorrow im OVERWHELMED
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