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scenario based fast food interview questions

Jan 24, 2022 by Birks4444
What scenario based fast food questions have you all gotten and what are the best responses?

Like if they were to ask me what I would do if
A. I got an order wrong
B. A customer was rude
C. There was a spill

what are the ideal key points to hit?


A. Mistakes happen especially in a high fast paced environment, the best thing is to highlight that you will be understand and seek to resolve the issue for the customer and double check this time and verify vocally their order, and also making sure it does not stop otehr processes.

B. You try empathy and mention that everyone could be having a new day, and you dont know the real world scenario that is causing this person to be rude (not that is acceptable, but this is what they want you to do) If the customer escalates the rudeness you escalate to a manager

C. Spills are a massive hazard and a lawsuit waiting ot happen. If you notice a spill and are busy th most important thing to do, is to get that WET FLOOR sign up. If you dont have time to clean it yourself immediately try to find someone who can, I normally would just clean them myself
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