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Noooo heartbroken Mar 21, 2018
Stephanie :(
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OK Amber Sauer Mar 20, 2018
Was plz vote 4 her to come back.

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Name a BBCAN houseguest (Series 2) Mar 17, 2018
That you'd like to see in my BBCAN: Allstars Spoon Series (blog). I'm still in the Final 4 of my #BBCAN6 spoons series, but the theme for the next one will be all star houseguests.

How I pick the cast:
The first 7 females and first 7 male names of EVICTED BBCAN house guests (meaning no winners or runner ups as well as majority of the BBCAN6 cast) to be posted in the comments down below, will be picked to be in the next series. The other 4 people, will be picked by me.

That being said, I don't want it to be completely random, so please try to provide a reason for you picking that specific person. I will not be accepting people like Anick (BBCAN2) or Sharry (BBCAN4). I will only accept those who I saw some potential in. If you provide a good enough reason though, I might pick them xD.

Anyone can pick someone, but you can only pick one person. Also, please ask to be tagged in the next series. I repeat, ANYONE can pick.

Here is the Cast:
Female#1: Cassandra Shahinfar (BBCAN4- 4th, BBCAN5- 14th) picked by #FelipeS
Female#2: Paige Distranski (BBCAN4- 16th) picked by #adeleadele and #Maxi1234
Female#3: Ashleigh Wood (BBCAN3- 3rd) picked by #SeanDouglas
Female#4: Nikki Grahame (BBCAN4- 6th) picked by #paul028
Female#5: Loveita Adams (BBCAN4-12th) picked by #wuau
Female#6: Sabrina Abbate (BBCAN2-2nd) picked by #Solinne64
Female#8: (My Choice)
Female#9: (My Choice)

Male#1: Mark Chrysler (BBCAN5-16th) picked by #Rain848
Male#2: Thomas "Tom" Plant (BBCAN1-12th) picked by #KateN7766
Male#3: Godfrey Mangwiza (BBCAN3- 2nd) picked by #RedsKanto
Male#8: (My Choice)
Male#9: (My Choice)

Jameslu spinfur MJFJUNE s73100 wwemrpeeps TaraG Silver09 adeleadele  NicoleF Emotion melindaMrskk BritishRomeo17 allyxox rawr121 Ashlynarehart loopspeare Mickiejames22 mrcool thepug FelipeS Harry1210 Latisha0987 iiGalaxyii KateN7766 Dmpwb45 HaydenNicole Jameslu iichaoskimmy Paul028 sk9ergal

Post the name of the person in the comments. Also, please ++++ this blog. It helps promote this series.
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Don't sit watch and wait Mar 17, 2018
Join frooks
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I don't get Mar 16, 2018
The constant complaining about BBCAN6 being I the only one enjoying this season???

If you are watching for drama/entertainment purposes and are waiting for it to surpass BBCAN5, then this is the wrong show for you. Literally the entire house is trying to play the game and have a good grasp on it. In BBCAN5, that was only Ika, who btw didn't have good jury management.

You just can't call yourself a super fan and say that nothing exciting has happened. ITS WEEK 3 what do you expect???? What do you guys think about this???

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+4 for my charity Mar 16, 2018
Plz join and if you can't, spreading the word would be helpful. Thank you! (frooks)
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