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Remember Big Brother All Stars

1 NathanDamnit, Jun 30, 2022

when Janelle and Danielle Reyes were going at it and they did segments with their families? Their Mother's said their daughters would have done better had they worked together. It was quite an exciting segment watching their Mother's talk it out as spectators. Spectating from the outside of the game looking in. I think the same can sometimes be applied everywhere, including here, or wherever, when people can set aside differences and work together to succeed together. Sometimes we get that in Big Brother USA/Canada sometimes we don't. That's life.
#thegays #thoughtsdamnit


Omg PYN 7 Eleven Edition

23 NathanDamnit, Jun 27, 2022

Post your name and I will comment what I bring you from 7 Eleven if I was going to pick us up some munchies for Late Nite Keystalking!!
Heyitsmaggee Lime, grape. orange crush slurpee (medium) with a Fiji water and some nachos with cheese and a side of pickles maybe some cream cheese taquitos
MrRobZilla take away make at home taquitos and a medium lime crush slurpee and a brownie
danio Some super big gulps and twizzlers
alibonico some jerky, bags of assorted candy and some Vitamin Waters
missbratitude A plush slurpee cup and a medium swamp water slurpee
scooby69 brownies, cookies and some bananas
thnksfrthmmrs extra large slurpee grape and orange crush
dripteejay large lime slurpee
mrkkkkyle two medium slurpees 1 pepsi 1 cocoa-cola
cheritaisdelicious EDITED: a salad
bigbrothersupertome  large slurpee, probably dr. pepper or coca-cola, root beer
wayne_train medium slurpee frog water
jengaged medium slurpee grapefruit, cream soda and orange crush and something off the grill idk
thiii one of those re-usable slurpee cups, the giant kind, filled with every non-water slurpee they got
yasgaga 2 for 1 Vitamin water and a medium blue raspberry & mystery flavor slush
Cecilia Nachos with cheese sauce alll over it and a small orange slurpee (but i forgot straw)
Cadden a warm bottle of root beer and a half melted bag of ice (with straws and slurpee cups)
Megan Cadbury mini eggs or discount easter chocolate if they have any, if they don't a carton of eggs, with markers or something like that so you can paint eggs?? XD


Where's the bacon?!

0 NathanDamnit, May 21, 2022

Sir this is a Wendys


I like Ezra Miller

2 NathanDamnit, May 20, 2022

buuuut he didn't need to cite "hate crime" or "intentional bigotry" with the cops for ONE thing. He was allegedly agitated, in a separate issue, but I hope they are focusing on their well-being. I hope this issue clears up for them and blows-over, so they and others can move forward. However, I APPLAUD their assertiveness to be upfront with the police; I think he used his "privilege" of being Hollywood-famous... should cops ask pronouns for people or what?
I am gender queer, but my pro-nouns are he/they. However, Ezra Miller's are they/them and we both identify as gender queer, so for some pronouns are a huge thing and for others it's not usually a problem.


Bitch you look goodt

0 NathanDamnit, May 19, 2022

with a t @ the end


Here's a queer story

0 NathanDamnit, May 19, 2022

I am gender queer 2 spirit, but I wasn't sure if I was trans or queer for awhile (I'm queer though). Anyway, love to my trans rainbow families...
So, i went to the late night store and got a slushie and I noticed a chick with rainbow socks, a trans person and some other people I could tell were 2SLGBTQ and while I was walking I noticed my slush was the trans* flag colours (layered in the correct order), lmfao. I just thought that was really funny and a neat coincidence.



2 NathanDamnit, May 19, 2022

PrincessTeePee if you need me to chhheccckkk MelloJello for his comments, I can do that! Mmmkay? For real though, some discipline! I understand both sides, but I am more inclined to agree with PrincessTeepee
#Thegays #Imlatetotheconvo
Edit: K MelloJello let's discipline yo' ass.


Remember when my crush

7 NathanDamnit, May 19, 2022

was MelloJello well guess what it stilll isss
But maybe tharealmike is cute too
Idk why I like white boys lmfao no shade no shade
no tea no pink lemonade
#thegays #queerasfolx

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