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A Sky High Shout Out Blog. pyn if I've..

20 Belmont, Dec 14, 2013

these past 9 months on tengaged have been a blast < 3 last night I was able to buy Sky which is of course very exciting! I blogged about it briefly but today, I'm snowed in and now have time to give proper shout outs to those that have made this possible, and have helped make my time on this site fun and enjoyable, with me through good times and bad. (in no particular order)
AlaskanFiredragon you being banned was sad because our survivor tribe just fell apart afterwards, and tbh it had been one of the more fun survivor games I'd played on here, but it did help me win some much needed karma :D Seriously though I’m much happier when you’re on here and playing because you’re a great player and a positive, no drama person who makes me laugh. You’re sexy too! That being said, I'm happy that now you are the one who has to catch up to me :D Also, thank you for calling me out on my crappy blog ily and since it looks like Alaska outside my window right now I'm thinking about you < 3
Sahmosean Even though we talk some days, I still miss you so much on this site, and part of me being here is waiting for the day you come back < 3 #Sahmont forever
brookecwelsh we haven’t played a game together in forevvver but we’re usually in touch through blogs and yours always make me laugh :) We need to play a casting or normal rooks together soon so we can spam christmas cookie pinterest stuff! you’re one of my oldest friends on this site and ily lots
unkown there were a handful of games recently where having you as a friend 100% not only helped me get the karma and money to buy Sky, but were also all very fun and entertaining games to play, because you were in them. Our group skype chats are always a blast too. as mysterious and random and crazy as you are ily and hope to play in a non algo game together soon < 3
Karebare & Bailey5000 my survivor tribe was waiting for one to fill when I noticed you two BACK, here, playing in a game! I'm glad we aren't facing you to be perfectly honest, lol, but it makes me so happy to see you guys on and playing. I hope to see you both of you in a game soon, together and/or individually I love you just the same and hope you're doing well xo
Phyneo where have you been? I miss you Phyn and I hope we can play together soon and catch up!
Consigliere8886 you are a classy gent and I truly enjoy playing with you each and every time. You're funny and entertaining and a man of your word. Also very well dressed! < 3
Octopusbubbles you’re honestly one of the nicest and most genuine people I’ve met on this site. You stood by me through a very rough time in Survivor, which is something I appreciate deeply and won’t forget, and we’ve gone on to other successful games and they’ve all been fun with you. You’re always motivating and encouraging to other..


Good to be Gold <3

38 Belmont, Oct 27, 2013

edit: my first top 10 blog :)
thank you to everyone who joined and played in my gold level charity frookies. you helped me get that last 15 karma that I needed to buy gold, and now that I have it feels so sexy! this was actually my first charity game and it was a ton of fun and a game that I won't forget. it was so much fun to play with each and every one of you < 3
sahmosean this was our first official game we've ever played together, I can't believe how long that took lol...but I got to do it holding your hand. Jimbo I knew you would be there for me and I love you so much #sahmont forever
Thumper91 I don't think we've played together before this either but I'm so glad that we did tonight. It's the best thing to meet amazing new people on this site and it doesn't happen every day, but today I got lucky when it came to meeting new people < 3 thanks for taking the time to play in my charity Lauren.
BBCANADA oh my fellow Canuck I was so happy to have you play in my charity game it meant the world and I know you spent hard earned money on me < 3 now that I'm gold I can bet even more so as soon as I can afford to gift, I'm coming for you :) I love every game that we play together!
STOKES2009 I can never get enough of my Virgina Sweetheart < 3 it meant a lot to have you play in my game and I'm honoured to be f2 in any game with you! I love your frat as well and think I'm gonna join later :D it's just been crazy with the game and now getting this blog done. anyway thanks again teresa ily < 3
markuskaus oh you again! you're in every other blog I write, because you're the best ever and you're the reason why I ever joined tengaged in the first place, so how perfect it is that we're here together as I get closer and closer to beating you :D no really I'm so grateful that you were here and for everything you've helped me learn on this site. i love you markus #icaufo
bradd156 you stayed up late to play with me and I appreciate that! I haven't seen you in awhile so it was such a treat that you joined my charity game. it's always so much fun to talk to you know and I can never get enough of you < 3 #ukrules
Carlisle it was so great to have you as part of my game and I greatly appreciate you even signing up, I consider myself quite a lucky girl infact :) We haven't really had that much opportunity to speak but I'm so glad we did in this game :) you and Thumper91 are amazing and I really hope to get the chance to play with you guys again!
alireza1373 Mr. Stars winner himself I am just thrilled that you took to time amidst all of your celebrating to join this game < 3 you're an amazing tengager and it was just so great, and a first to play in a game with you where there were none of your other female friends to want me out LOL #truth I love you Ali and I appreciate you taking part..


Making Some Breakfast

4 Belmont, Oct 27, 2013

for sahmosean & I < 3

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