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Pick 1

13 useamint, Aug 12, 2022

Edit: This was just for the Americas save for my #BB24 thing LOL


I want the Leftovers out of power.

3 WannaBeeFriends, Aug 11, 2022

We need a fun season!!
Let鈥檚 go Alyssa for HOH!
Alyssa and Kyle can fuck in the HOH room and put a humongous target on their backs while also keeping Jasmine safe.
The Leftovers want to target Jasmine next.. BORINGGG!! 馃ケ


Who Winning HOH Tonight!!

6 gagaluv, Aug 11, 2022

who else watching feeds and excited for tonight!?? Wall comp <
Taylor #BB24
Avi here



7 BlueBarracuda, Aug 9, 2022

Using this stars as an example, this twist would work similar to the awful one on #BB24. But might be more interesting on TG than on the show.
Here's how the twist works: the moderators randomly assign people into 8 pairs at the start of the game. For nominations, the sets can ONLY be festie besties. You could not do split votes (how to enforce this, IDK, but the honor system?).
So here's how it would work. Everyone randomly assigned.
Day 1 the cast chose the festie besties - KingB24 and rohanprabhu.  Rohan was evicted and KingB24 survived. Without a festie bestie, KIngB is immune from being nommed back to back. He will be paired with the next evicted house guest.
Day 2  had festie besties Aidan0621 and Willy729, on the block. Aidan went home and Willy becomes new festie besties with KingB.  Since Willy and KingB are paired up, both are as vulnerable as the other house guests.
Day 3  featured Festie Besties Happy202 and benja31, with Happy going home. Benja has immunity until he is paired up Day 4.
Day 4 was Festie Bestie (FB) Tman54445 and Bvance1212, with Bvance not bvancing in the game, and Tman becoming Benja's new bestie.
Day 5 BBdamian and Snails were festie besties and BBdamian survived, with Snails leaving. BBdamian is immune from going up Day 6.
Day 6 I started this blog before I saw the set, but Besties Willy and KingB, who became FB on Day 2, were nominated. The survivor will become new FB's with BBdamian, and so on.
For the sake the scenario, I will pair up the unnommed people left to right:
- Honalulue/ Jetsrock12
- salmaan/@ Typhlosion37
- hellocat/ daddydev
With the other pairs
- BBdamian/Willy or KingB24
So, let's play out the festie bestie twist. I am just gonna use to determine who is put up and who goes home out of the pair... so... let's see.
Day 7 the cast does Hon/Jets - [Honalulue moves on to be besties with D8 survivor, immune Day 8]
Day 8 the cast decides to do sal/Typh - Typh survives and pairs up with Honalulue
Day 9 the cast does BBdamian vs. the survivor of Willy/KingB - Bbdamian beats them, is immune for next day.
Day 10, the cast does hellocat/daddyDev, getting the last unnommed folks up, Dev goes home and BBdamian/hellocat are paired.
Remaining pairs at this point:
Day 11, Tman and Benja go up to face the music, with TMAN narrowly defeating his opponent and immune until the next day.
Day 12, BBdamian goes back up with hellocat, with hellocat shockingly defeating him by a narrow margin. TMAN/hello are now festie besties.
Day 13  - With 4 people left, a tie is inevitable, so the twist is over, and everyone for themselves, so determine which 3 of the 4..


Who will be the last unnomed?

4 WannaBeeFriends, Aug 9, 2022

Turner or Jasmine


I miss live audience :(

3 danio, Aug 6, 2022

Imagine the cheers that Taylor Hale will get :D 鉂わ笍


What is happening in bb24?

3 M2thamax, Aug 5, 2022

I鈥檝e missed a few episodes as I was getting kinda bored already, and I just saw there are three noms? Someone fill me in. If he鈥檚 actually targeting a guy I may catch up on the show


BB24 Rankings: Part IV

2 Brayden_, Jul 31, 2022

1) Paloma (+0)
2) Ameerah (+0)
3) Michael (+0)
4) Alyssa (+0)
5) Indy (+3)
6) Joseph (+0)
7) Taylor (-2)
8) Kyle (+1)
9) Monte (-2)
10) Turner (+0)
11) Brittany (+0)
12) Nicole (+2)
13) Terrance (-1)
14) Pooch (-1)
15) Daniel (+0)
16) Jasmine (+0)


Brittany for AFP

1 Tommy123, Jul 29, 2022

Just getting ready for when the voting starts lol


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