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42 Dhucking_Quacks, Apr 6, 2014

Havent dont one of these for a while...
#RaverKid I think we might of been in a fasting idek...i dont really know you
#mastropola Omg :) Most of what you say is what ive been wanting to say but....im not gain enough to say it myself.. I love talking to you alot!! :)
#DanceFloorParty You whore get off my blog
#zoeylacey i dont really know you but you seem really nice!! Im supporting you in stars btw :p GOod luck :)
#peterya ahh no idea who you are....Hi :)
#neathery I think we have talked alittle bit you are nice :)
#DanceFloorParty What tf do you want? :p lol ily
#SomebodyAwesome We havent talked for a while but i like talking to you alot :) #SomebodyQuacks :)
#skyler1822 You are so nice and pretty!! :3 We need to talk more!!! :D
#tdogg1543 I mailed you and you havent mailed back like im sad ;( Im glad you are back doe :) You are awesome!!
IloveSurvivor23 I still have your sign...but its on MY laptop which is getting fixed...and um i dont get it back for 2 weeks...so i will make you another one soon i guess. :) You are really nice :D
Kasey2011 You are super nice!! Whenever im sad you are always here to cheer me up :) We should talk a bit more lol :)
Jared242 Wowz....hi :p i dont really know you. I think we have talked before in a game...im not to sure
Thumper91 You are nice :) I always enjoy talking to you here and there :) We should talk more though
ImGonnaWin You seem really nice when you spam me lol you seem kool you should talk to me sometime :p
tdiloka I think we use to play fasting together...i cant really remember! Mail me sometime if you want :)
baza76 We snapchat here and there except usually when i can snapchat its dark af lol it annoys the crap out of me :p But you are amazinggggg :)
Foxox You are really nice!! I like talking to you when we do :p You live pretty close to me btw :p lool
Steel I have never talked to you before..i use to see you around alot but i dont see you around as much :P You seem kool...you should talk to me sometimee
RobertGuajardo I miss the old you...is all im gonna say
NoSuchName2 We havent talked for a while.. but you are really nice :) I do enjoy talking to you :)
kmaynor2 I see you around a bit in fasting but i dont really know you
Sheena You seem pretty kool and nice! Come talk to me sometime!! :)
#DanceFloorParty Please go away -.-
Coffeybean94 Ive seen you around a bit and go to talk to you but i get distracted lol so hi :p mail me if you want to :p
MariahAnn Hey girliee :p We havent talked for a bit!! I alway enjoy our convo's though! You are sooo nice :D
Aydanmac01 You are really kool!! I like talking to you when we do talk lol :) We should talk more!!..

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