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Tengaged Meet up!!!

14 MamaBel, Mar 8, 2018

As most of you know that I (LeahBel) have been in an online relationship or t-dating as many call it, another user on this site named #neathery. We basically became friends 3 weeks into me starting my account and became the closest of friends. I found that I could tell him anything and everything, oddly, considering I had never met him. On Halloween 2016 we began t-dating and almost a year later on Oct. 16 (roughly 6 months ago) we started dating irl. He lives a 3 hour drive away from me so we see each other on a weekly basis. On Saturday he met my parents for the first time and it went really well!
I always turned my nose up at people who t-dated and I never believed that you could find love online. And then all of the sudden I found myself dating a Tger! I can honestly say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. As crazy as it sounds, I’m in love with him and when I think of my future, I see him in it. He’s what makes me want to get up in the morning and strive to do better in life and I know he feels the same. I would totally be lost without him. It’s all so crazy to me that I could find love on Tengaged.com like of all places and I strongly believe we are one of the strongest couples that have ever gotten their start on this site. He knows everything about me, all my flaws, insecurities, and weaknesses and he never fails to be sensitive towards them and supportive. He’s my rock and my strength in life.
I know many of you don’t like him because he’s “controversial” and “problematic” but his blogs are just trolling and he’s actually the sweetest person ever, believe it or not. He bought me a fucking cake just because, for goodness sake lol. I can’t believe I was lucky enough to meet such an amazing person and I definitely don’t deserve him in my life.
Here are some pics:
P.S Ik we look ugly but we don’t like taking selfies with other people soooooo that’s why and I’m not gonna try to perfect a selfie when I don’t give a shit :)
Sorry for the essay btw



59 Arris, Mar 30, 2016

and I'll guess your color level without looking
copied from GoodKaren :)
and I'm like rlly rlly bad at it ]]=
got right 12/41
#neathery, - silver
#jameslu - tvstar
#MrBird - brown?
#cswaggerr - tvstar (bold choice)
#acyuta - obv tvstar
#Illdi - lime green?
#islandsurvivor - red?
#Carlo_Costly - blue?
#Forest_Knight - blood my bruh (awks, fail)
#Pegasus1234 - tv star
#HaliFord - red?
#EliOrtiz1234 - tv star duh (edit. FAIL)
useamint - hmm i wanna say tv star but im scared judging by my record soo hmm gold! (yeees, got it!)
LittleMix - yolo, tv star? (yeees got it!)
MickyBoomy9 - hmm red?
YasGaga - Blue?
Aquamarine - tv star !
Downeaster - brown? (daaamn it, this is awks)
Willie_ - gotta be blood by now! (lmaoo another fail)
tdilindsayfan100 - white
laughingoutloud - yellow?
Thetrumpetman423 - brown?
joshie1 - gold? (damn it, im rlly bad)
Juliann - brown
Dolphinz811 - silver
turkeylover - tv star? (LOL im so bad)
s73100 - gold
Styxxe - gold! (awks didn't even knw this)
Musicinme - green? (damn so close)
lionsden121 - blue? (damn it)
Marchesa - black (yeees got this one!)
Lazeric - blue?
ZBase4 - orange? - (awh :( i was so far)
Icarus_Mark - hmm brown? (nvm, im dooone)
Music - Tv star!!!
Coffeybean94 - blood!
TR1364 - blue
TotalDramaLover1234 - sky (got it )
Typhlosion37 - gold (daaamn)
Koin - Tv Star!
Absol - TV Star



73 alanb1, Feb 6, 2016

Doing all :)
#neathery yes it's true we have different political views but we set that aside when we play frookies so that's great :P you make funny blogs sometimes and are charasmatic to your friends
#galaxies I think it's horrible how you're a homophobe and it makes me cry because that's not right cuz being mean is mean :(
#brayden_ you're very horny on the blog page right after I masturbate it's so weird I don't understand the correlation but there's definitely one there
#ethan000 I swear on the bible I think you're a nice guy rly good at group games and such and even tho u DDINT gift the noob I wanted u to gift you're generous for gifting anyone at all! Props to you for being so nice
#mrcool overnight pop princess one day I don't rly know u and the next day ur everywhere!! Rage games blogs pages frookies it's amazing your transformation is something I want to happen to me some day :)
#lavaworks I thought it was so great when I joined your charity you didn't even know me and I didn't know you yet u kept me safe towards the end! I was mind blown by how nice you were and I was really glad I could help you with that game
#semajdude hehehehe I realize now I should be cherishing the attention you give me and not pushing it away as I won't be given that kind of love from anyone else. You're a silly man with a big heart
#fireandice10101 I realized we weren't really friends anymore when u evicted me in rage :/ I was upset at the time but I realize it's my fault for not mailing you in a long time. I hope you're doing well don't let the haters get to you sweety
#theempress love you and what you stand for! You have a heart of gold and you're loyal to your friends which I really admire Hun. We should play more FROOKS together it's been a while
#30rock idk you or your previous account that well buuuut I know you enough to know you have some great friends and you seem like a really chill person!
#crimsonennui you're like the fluffy little teddy bear I used to slice the ears off as a kid. except I'd never slice your ears off cuz you're too valuable as a friend! Thanks for being there for me even after I spill all your secrets after like 2 seconds :3  Lee is da bomb :)
#yoshitomi idk if you wanted an opinion but I'll give you one anyways LOL! You're a great person and a very logical one at that. I admire you and your blogs cuz they make sense! I hope you become tmod some day :)
#typhlosion37 it's misleading how it's typhlosion37 yet you're like 15. Sketchy af. I'm glad I could seduce you into being friends with me. Lotus is fat.
#jasonxtreme aw Jason wtf we used to play fast stars like it was nobody's business what happened to that LOL? We don't talk anymore but you're still a cool dude :)
#danielledonato idk how I feel about this after recently finding out you're not Danielle Donato I've been contemplating a lot about my sexual fantasies I used to have but can't have anymore :(
#kittykatz553 aw we used..



2 Simplyobsessed, Dec 26, 2015

i'll tag kaylabby but #neathery is a douche



46 jakehou97, Apr 2, 2014

and I'll guess what type of Academic kid you are (or were) (or will be)
#carsonl (asian)
bobrocks333 (no shit u go to rice)
staymellow (sorry for skipping lol)
~Regular with 1 or Honors/Preap


Bought SILVER ~ PYN for a compliment!

91 PSULucky, Mar 16, 2014

So I decided to buy silver today and I thought I'd do a PYN in celebration so post your name below and I'll give you a compliment/honest opinion/say something about you. Even if I don't know you I'm doing all so I'll find something to say :D
ElectraViv - Thanks!! And we played a game together once and you.were.awesome. I remember you were so nice and we worked together and I thought you were just really cool. And since then I've seen you've come very far!! You've been gifted tons (jealous :P) and you're doing awesome in your survivor games. I remember you were good in challenges when we played together but you must be getting awesome because you have some nice streaks going ^^ So congrats on that! Oh and congrats on merging with a supertribe and escaping the MASS BANNING that went down last night. ;D
HUmanMustard - Ahh yes a great challenge player and Tengaged player in general! I've seen your profile/games before and you seem like an amazing player. Not to mention that we were on the same tribe together and you were great at challenges. I also enjoyed the vlog you made as well - you're cool in my eyes, so don't change.
Ireland - So we haven't talked or anything before, but from what I've seen you're extremely nice. You comment on a lot of blogs and you're always very helpful and you always have something nice to say. I'm pretty sure you donated to me a long time ago and it's little things like that that I appreciate about people, especially since you didn't even know who I was, so yeah you're a really nice and good person in my eyes. So hit me up sometime ^^
africanwoman - You're soooooooo relevant I wish I could be as cool as you :P I've seen you around and you just seem like a very chill and cool person tbh. Not to mention you have an amazing KPG so as a game-player you must be fantastic so kudos to that (and a very good fastings player, the worst you've done is 4th I think :O ). Not to mention you surround yourself with cool people because I respect and/or am friends with a lot of the people in your friends list. ;D
rawr121 - I can't say we know each other TOO well, but I've definitely seen you around (we were in the same Endurance game and you seemed very very nice haha). You seem like one of those up-and-coming players, someone who's gonna be EXTREMELY relevant, have an amazing game record, be the 350th TV star, etc. But you seemed really cool always using a lot of faces :P :D xD so hopefully we'll get to know each other better maybe :P
TheACF12 - JUSTIN!! We don't really talk too much anymore but I know we're still great friends. There's so much I could say tbh, for one your vlogs were awesome, and I never got to express how much I LOVED your opinion of me in it. Anyway, I remember playing a casting with you soooo long ago when we were both like green levels and you got into STARS. And then you got SECOND. And now your SILVER. You've..


Name Game - Round nineteen

5 Swagthatbossman, Feb 28, 2014

Hello final three, fro know on you will be naming two or more contestants. Last round we saw the returnee #neathery leave the house.
Your letter this round is... N and O
#m7md26, you must name two tengaged usernames as you are still in last place.
23rd GothicZebra
22nd beautyliciousinsider
21th #chloelouise14
20th bageltwist74
19th electraviv
-RobertGuajardo joins the game-
18th isato
17th novascotiachic
16th Chloeox
15th Timmay
14th hugatree343
13th nosuchname2
-chance for either Timmay or isato to re join-
12th wendylynn28
11th mradamman12
10th carterbehne
9th neathery
8th Timmay
7th aidanmac22
6th walkerbait27
-chance for either carterbehne or neathery to re join-
5th PSULucky
4th neathery
1. Me2013 -SAFE(1)
2. RobertGuajardo -SAFE
3. M7md26


Name Game - Round sixteen

12 Swagthatbossman, Feb 25, 2014

Contestants, you think this is the final five, but it isn't, this is because either #neathery or #carterbehne will be coming back. However, last round we #aidanmac22 finally be eliminated.
Your letter this round is... J!
#walkerbait27, you are in last place so you will name two tengaged usernames
22nd GothicZebra
21st beautyliciousinsider
20th chloelouise14
19th bageltwist74
18th electraviv
-RobertGuajardo joins the game-
17th isato
16th novascotiachic
15th Chloeox
14th Timmay
13th hugatree343
12th nosuchname2
-chance for either Timmay or isato to re join-
11th wendylynn28
10th mradamman12
9th carterbehne
8th neathery
7th Timmay
6th aidanmac22
1. Me2013 -SAFE(-2)
2. PSULucky -SAFE(1)
3. RobertGuajardo -SAFE(2)
4. M7md26 -SAFE
5. Walkerbait27


Name Game - Round fourteen

14 Swagthatbossman, Feb 24, 2014

Contestants, I have been very busy in-between these two rounds so i haven't changed the placing so I don't know who is in last place so EVERYONE will name one tengaged user name.
The letter this round is… H!
#neathery was the contestant who was just too late and was eliminated.
22nd GothicZebra
21st beautyliciousinsider
20th chloelouise14
19th bageltwist74
18th electraviv
-RobertGuajardo joins the game-
17th isato
16th novascotiachic
15th Chloeox
14th Timmay
13th hugatree343
12th nosuchname2
-chance for either Timmay or isato to re join-
11th wendylynn28
10th mradamman12
9th carterbehne
8th neathery
1. PSULucky -SAFE(3)
2. me2013 -SAFE(2)
3. RobertGuajardo -SAFE(1)
4. Timmay
5. Walkerbait27 -SAFE(-3)
6. Aidanmac22 -SAFE(-2)
7. M7md26 -SAFE

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