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59 owlb0ned, Jan 12, 2015

After almost 3 years of being on this website I am finally tv star LOL
I say this a lot, but I really do mean it. I'm thankful for all the people I've met on here and especially for the ones I'm closest with. I won't tag people for the sake of only having 30 tags. I love all of you and am thankful to have gotten to know you all while on here. I probably won't play games now really, just bet. I might join charities if we're friends so just mail me.
Well this was fun to achieve and I'm glad I was able to get it with #Oysterman11 < 3
I don't wanna tag any friends cos I don't want to forget anyone, but you know you who you are and I love you all!!!!
Thanks to those who joined my charity to help me get the $$
shout out to my bf ben the 6 times hunger games winner < 3
check out austyn's blog http://www.tengaged.com/blog/Oysterman11/6044177/tv-star-456457-i-think-jess
#sosyomomma - (then) how do i say this username? (now) you're so hilarious i love you
#z3us - (then) i loved our risk and flawless calls #rip (now) i love you even if you tease me. can't wait to hang out again!
#coreyants - (then) i used to think you were a dickhead (now) you're so funny and lovely
#orlando652 - (then) i used to see you blog but we never spoke (now) i think you're so nice and you live by me!
milkisgood - (then) a banned hungry hippos pro (now) a cute funny 6 times hunger games winner (inlove)
donaam - (then) you used to post my messed up skype quote all the time LOL (now) you're really funny and nice :)
#spinfur - (then) idk you but i assume you're nice! (now) idk you but i assume you're nice!
shyannemystik - (then) i knew you as corey's friend (now) you're literally my twin!! you are one of the few girls i like and am close to on here and i'm glad we've gotten close < 3
oysterman11 - (then) finger blaster (now) i'm so glad we've became closer friends cos you're so lovely and funny ily x
#christossss - (then) my cute lil noob friend (now) my greek god friend ;)
#allieboballie - (then) we would just talk thru blogs thought you were nice (now) you're someone i consider close even if we don't talk much you're a lovely gal!
arcaninemaster - (then and now) cute little noob friend :)
nickp - (then) hunger games ally (now) you're one of my closest friends and my fav south african friend ;)
cutieamy (then) you used to dislike me (now) you're who i tell all my sexual experiences too cos ur my french whore
carsonl - (then) one of my first bffs on here (now) your blogs always have me..


Time to take a break?

7 SmoothStalker12, Nov 19, 2014

(let's pretend I'm serious)
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