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12 _Adidas_, Feb 28, 2018

#CBBUS Episode 1 in less than 10 minutes! (with commentary) all edited by me.

Going to continue with the rest of the season...


CBBUS thoughts

7 Bix123, Feb 27, 2018


3 weeks later...

0 _Adidas_, Feb 27, 2018

I finally finished editing episode 1 of #CBBUS
1 hour to 6 minutes


Most to Least deserving winners

4 Matthew09, Feb 26, 2018

Keisha (she would of been on possibly hadn't she quit, but I cant stand a quitter)


THat CBB Jury vote

0 Brad13535, Feb 26, 2018

If the vote had been 5-4 for either person, it would have been a big upset as Metta decided to just do a *pick from the hat vote* lol. DOnt know if ive ever seen a juror vote like that


I'm Cackling

1 Loopspeare, Feb 26, 2018

Why were people shocked that a highly emotional vegan who does charity work in Africa decided to vote on emotions and not some arbitrary number system?



4 Loopspeare, Feb 26, 2018

So name a juror who DIDN'T vote for either:
1) The person that the juror liked more.
2) The person who played a game more similarly to the juror's ideal game.
Topaz doesn't count.


Ross Matthews

10 MJFJUNE, Feb 26, 2018

Victim Of A Bitter Jury or Victim Of Poor Jury Management?
Or both?



1 MJFJUNE, Feb 26, 2018


I think fans throw the win

3 subfriend, Feb 26, 2018

to Ross to win AFP like that's how he usually got the wins right? like how did they vote? like where is Marissa's fans like does she has a good fan base? like what do you think about the finale like hi there


Thoughts on CBB

2 2388, Feb 26, 2018


Jury Management

0 _Adidas_, Feb 26, 2018

In BB12 Hayden won because he managed to be the better of the Brigade, which made final 3. His game was respected by the jury all while remaining loyal to his main alliance.
Something Ross was unable to do because of this perception of "you have to lie/cheat/backstab." He threw his alliance members under the bus constantly, talked shit about the jury after they left, made too many deals it didnt pay off.


CBBUS Season Review

6 _Adidas_, Feb 26, 2018

Have not completed a season of BB since BB15, and I can say I was satisfied with this project! This probably had to do with it being only three weeks + the cast. Despite there 2 dull "evictions" the drama in between made it all worth while. I am still going to finish my edited videos of the seasons (like the RPDR videos Lee Dawson makes which are funny) It has taken me three weeks to edit the first episode only so it wil be sooooo gud.
1. Omarosa From the moment she was announced, I knew she would slay. And slay she did. I dont fucking care that she worked for the worst president in modern day. Reality TV is meant for entertainment. Omarosa is the definition of golden TV. Her narrated confessionals with the tone were so soothing to hear. I do strongly believe she could have won against anyone. She was an underdog after the first eviction, was overlooked plenty of times as there were other targets. She never had to lie or make deals as she openly admitted her targets. Yes, the show focused so much on her political career, but I feel like she will not be done with Reality TV. Think of the many talk shows she will be invited to and  discuss further information. LEGENDARY.
2. Shannon I am team Shannon all the way bay bay. I can give a rats ass if she overplayed. Other people who won and made final 3 have overplayed just as much in a longer period of time. Yes she could have had a better social game but she got outplayed. Nonetheless, she was the target of the season which everyone focus on for 7 straight episodes. Without her this season would have been boring. The true winner of America's Favorite Houseguest will be invited back to slay and fight for the lives of women and animals!!!
3. Ariadna WHAT A FUCKING BEAUTIFUL GRACEFUL GIRL. Of course there is some ethnic bias but she proved to be more than just a pageant girl. Charisma. Uniqueness. Nerve. Talent. Smarts.
4. Marissa I said Mark was my winner pick, but that was because I thought CBBUS was goin to have a public vote for winner. After seeing the first episode, Marissa would have been my winners pick and she did. I was so anti Ross/Marissa after SHannon left because they were so fake to her. She is only ranked this high because she did win and despite being fake, she remained loyal to her ally (even though he wasnt) and that is the game I go for (minus the fake). Last to be nominated. Survived the double eviction while being up for eviction. And she deserved the win. A lot more respectable than Ross.
5. Brandi SO entertaining when drunk. I just wish she could have split away from Ross/Marissa much sooner. And her relationship with Ari was the best <333
6. James - I have to admit, I feel bad for disliking him the first episode all because of Brandi D; I just thought he was going to be cocky but it was just the edit. It was fun seeing him turn things around and nudging his way back to the game. My favorite strategy from the season was when he gave Mark the HoH so..


馃専 Celebrity BB: Finale Ranking

0 Codyy, Feb 26, 2018

This is my ranking of the Celebrity big brother Season 1 FINALE!!!
Favorite - Ariadna Gutierrez
2 - Omarosa
3 - Shannon Elizabeth
4 - Brandi Glanville
5 - Metta World Peace
6 - James Maslow
7 - Ross Matthews
8 - Marissa Winokur
9 - Keisha Knight Pulliam
10 - Mark McGrath
Least - Chuck Liddell
Eviction Order  :
11th Place: Chuck Liddell
10th Place: Keisha Knight Pulliam
9th Place: Shannon Elizabeth 
8th Place: Metta World Peace
7th Place: Brandi Glanville
6th Place: James Maslow
5th Place: Omarosa
4th Place: Ariadna Gutierrez
3rd Place: Mark McGrath
2nd Place: Ross Matthews
1st Place: Marissa Winokur
#CBBUS #CelebBB #BigBrother #Celebrity


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