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All black girls in the main alliance

1 Timster, Jan 23, 2019

The wyte male HOH nominated 3 other wyt males. Is this a fan fiction? Regular Big Bruva could NEVA!!!


Lmao. Tamar’s messy ass

2 Matthew09, Jan 23, 2019

When she telling Kandi in the bathroom who they’re gonna align with, and Kandi like who and she lists nearly the damn whole house. 😭😭😭 #cbbus



1 CalebDaBoss, Jan 22, 2019

12th Joey Lawrence
11th Kato Kaelin
10th Kandi Buruss
9th Dina Lohan
8th Ryan Lochte
7th Ricky Williams
6th Natalie Eva Marie
5th Tamar Braxton
4th/3rd Jonathan Bennett and Anthony Scaramucci
Runner-Up Tom Green
Winner Lolo Jones


I love Tom

0 joe1110, Jan 22, 2019

hope he stays, hes very funny #cbbus


Season rigged for Ryan

4 CalebDaBoss, Jan 22, 2019

Ryan was “randomly” picked to pick his partner first
They have a conveniently placed swimming pool that has never been on the show before
The comp is a physical comp
This is already pissing me off


Who the hell are these weirdos

2 Chic, Jan 22, 2019

#cbbus kandi to win!


Beyoncé was name dropped by Julie

0 Timster, Jan 22, 2019

On the CBB premiere. When will your fave ever? NEVER
I wonder if houseguests name dropped her 30 minutes into feeds like last CBB season. #cbbus



1 CalebDaBoss, Jan 21, 2019

Ryan won so Jonathan’s gonna get nommed
Also Julie is still referring to herself as Julie Chen-Moonves I’m gagged


I don’t think this season

5 Matthew09, Jan 21, 2019

Will be better than Season 1, everything except the winner, they BROUGHT it.
Ross & Omarosa did that. They are All Stars. #cbbus


My mom is a complete savage.

0 Matthew09, Jan 21, 2019

She texted me big brother is on (cuz that’s our show)
And I replied: Dina Lohan lol
She says: That lady’s probably still on crack
OOF. #cbbus


me @celeb big borther

1 CalebDaBoss, Jan 21, 2019

last season ross was on rpdr as a judge and got 2nd place
and you know who was a judge on rpdr that's on this season... TAMAR
prediction Tamar Braxton will be runner-up against jonathan bennett



2 CalebDaBoss, Jan 21, 2019

why are there 7 men and 5 women? That's a bigger ratio than last season.


Celebrity Big Brother 2 - Guessing Game

12 subfriend, Jan 21, 2019

Celebrity Big Brother 2 premieres Tonight
As I won last year in the game created by JesseM, I decided to create one similar this year to see if I can defend my title. 👁️
Winner might get a design gift or you can just play it for fun.
If you guess correctly who wins you will have 500 points added to your score at the end of the game,
If you guess the person who gets 2nd place you will have 250 points added to your score at the end of the game
and if you guess the person who gets 3rd place you will have 100 points added to your score at the end of the game! 
The blogs that I will post are:
"Who wins HOH" which will be worth 100 points,
"Who wins POV" which will be worth 50 points and
"Who will be evicted" which will be worth 25 points.
If you have already guessed who wins you don't need to guess again BUT IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR ANSWER YOU ARE FREE TO DO SO. I am reblogging so that more people have a chance to see this blog, guess and play! :)
If you have already guessed who wins you don't need to guess again BUT IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR ANSWER YOU ARE FREE TO DO SO. I am reblogging so that more people have a chance to see this blog, guess and play! :)
I will make a leader board where you can see where you stand in terms of points...                You must also comment on the blogs in order for your answers to count. If you message me a name I will link you to the blog... 
Good luck and have fun!
So guess who WINS Celebrity Big Brother:   
Anthony Scaramucci
Dina Lohan
Joey Lawrence
Jonathan Bennett
Kandi Burruss
Kato Kaelin
Lolo Jones
Natalie Eva Marie
Ricky Williams
Ryan Lochte
Tamar Braxton
Tom Green
Also guess who wins first HOH: 
Also guess who wins first POV: 
Also guess who is first evicted: 
Also guess who is second HOH:


Lolo Jones will get 7th in CBB

2 Timster, Jan 21, 2019

I was reading her wiki and she lead the pack in two separate Olympic races. One in Bobsledding the other hurdles and she tripped and fell behind finishing in 7th both times.
When she's nommed at a double eviction and Eva screams "RUN LOLO!" during POV Lolo will trip as she is running towards the buzzer and Tom Green will win veto and Lolo gets 7th.


CBBUS2 Pre-Season Ranking

8 MJFJUNE, Jan 13, 2019

Let me know what you think & let's discuss if we disagree :))
Overall Thoughts:
- I like this cast overall, I know OF a majority of them. Seems like there will be many clashing personalities
- Not lots of young beautiful people which means there won't be a showmance factor
- LMAO fr tho how as Dina a celebrity? Goodbye.
- The only people I have never heard of are Dina and Keto. Not bad.
- What are your thoughts on the cast?
Comment to be tagged for each episode I guess???????
Tagging those who were tagged for CBBUS1


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