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Tengaged News Report (5/29/2020)

6 Spark_, May 29, 2020

Welcome back to tengaged news: the tl;dr of today on tengaged
It's the final 5 of stars#206001 and currently controversy is survivor competitor Washed_Ravioli. Washed has been nominated 6 times in the stars game and has survived every nomination, an impressive feat. However, some users are getting frustrated with Washed getting consisting getting saved. Stars watcher ashszoke made a comment on the last vote saying "WASHED RAVIOLI IS PURPOSEFULLY NOT TALKING TO THEM SO HE GOES UP, THEY AREN’T FLAVORING HIM FOR NO REASON, STOP SAVING HIM!!". This allegation has spread like wildfire leading some users to try and evict Washed in this most recent nomination where he was nominated against Aquamarine. Eliminated competitor tennisplayer963 made a blog weighing on the situation (which can be found here: ) which notes "There isn’t really gameplay going on. There’s a big alliance with sheep that didn’t understand they were sheep, even when their alliance was discussing countering them. That’s literally what happened for the noms for 12th that I ultimately went out on. I’m not saying I was going to be able to avoid going up.". The blog is an interesting read and I recommend anyone wanting to learn more about the situation. Fellow nominee Aquamarine also made a blog on the matter (which can be found here: ) that I won't just quote since it really needs to be read by everyone who wants to know more. Aquamarine shares their perspective on not only the Washed situation but the game at large. koolness234 also made a blog on their perspective which features their analysis on the stars game ( ). All of these perspectives certainly make for an interesting read. Good luck to the stars competitor and may the best one (as chosen by the tengaged public) win!
Well that's the main story for today and I can't really think of anything else rn,
Stay tuned for more updates
EDIT: Removed redundancy as seen in DD's comment
EDIT 2: Added more blogs for context as per reader request

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