Rubes & Joco's Drag Race Season 4

Hey Ladies,

We're back again, again... Again.. Round and round like a clock!

The time has come to usher in a era of queen and with the twelfth hour upon us, this may be your last chance to make it to All Stars.. So tick tock ladies, the sand is running out fast.

In the past we've been around Britain, across the continent of Europe and through the ages of Hollywood but somehow it never felt big enough so now the past becomes the present. To celebrate the amazing events of the past races, we're celebrating the past itself, sweeping through the last century, one decade at a time from Queen Victoria to Y2K, with a finale looking to bring in the new millennium and kick-start the 21st century of drag with a bang.

Who will be a mid-century wonder or maybe just a blast from the past? Maybe more importantly... who will still be standing at the stroke of midnight?!

-Blonde Electric
-Athena Gold
-Carrie Dismal
-Vazqula Calcifications
-Mystia Blanc


Queen of Queens (Winners)

S1 Winner: Thiccness McChrist-
S2 Winner: Oadira Davenport-
S3 Winner: Mukbang-

Princesses (Miss Congenialties)

S1 Miss Congeniality: Gemini-
S2 Miss Congeniality: Mz Shady T Bagg
S3 Miss Congeniality: Ruby Velvet

Fiercest Fashionista (Top Toot)

S3 Top Toot: Enobaria-

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Rubes & Joco's Drag Race Season 4

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