Rubes & Joco's Drag Race Season 2

Mother Joco and Mother Rubes come together once again, one difference though, this time, they're both wearing crowns! Say yassss.

This season we planned on going abroad around Europe with our wonderful new queens but we don’t have the fucking money to afford that because we gave it all away to Thiccness! I guess you queens will have to put up with the UK again- well now, we sold thiccness to science so we have a small trip!

Who eats frog legs?
Who loves pizza and chocolate?
Who loves a good spy novel?
Who else wants a crown?


        Brianna Kylie
        Lynda Slavia
        Lola Canola
        Kairi Insane
        Bella Charming
        Kommunist Kelly King
        Mz. Shady T. Bagg
        Erika
        Angel
        Oadira Davenport
11th- Xania
12th- Moe
13th- Kasha Won Won
14th- Cindeurora Laclam


Royalty (Winners)

S1 Winner: Thiccness McChrist-

Chancellors (Miss Congenialties)

S1 Miss Congeniality: Gemini-

Featured Players 14 playing

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Week 4- Turn that frown upside down
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Rubes & Joco's Drag Race Season 2

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