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Gone: Hosted by Finnick and RyanAndrews
Based on the novels “Gone” by Michael Grant

Perdido Beach is a quiet town on the coast of Southern California. It’s a good place to raise a family, cheap and affordable. In an era of massive expansion in the area, Perdido Beach never blew up the way other towns like it did. Perhaps it’s the nickname it’ll forever have after the accident at the Power Plant in the nineties. Who wants to move to a place called Fallout Alley. Everything was cleaned up and now it’s just another small town where nothing ever happens.

Until one morning when inexplicably, every single person in town eighteen and over disappears in an instant. The children still in town are cut off from the outside world by an impenetrable twenty mile diameter wall. Trapped in a dome with animals that are quickly mutating and kids that are developing superpowers, it only takes hours before people reveal who they really are when there’s no one to tell them what they can’t do.

Main Cast:
Denee Montgomery - Finnick
Mandy Harris - Finnick
Henry Shiffman - Finnick
Hollie Delgado - RyanAndrews
Jeremy Reid - RyanAndrews
Wyatt Hulbert - Pokepat
Terren Joseph - Noobsmoke13
Atticus Reddington - Logie56
Flynn Stockley - Tizian
Van Delgado - Bigdizzleyomama
Elias Jones - Piddu
Sammy Jones - Piddu
Ju-Long Ling - Coolbrandonman
Kara Popov - Crush
Kim Gibson - KimGlb
Hayley Rune - Katherinee_
Skyler Denin - BandNerd
Rayne Andrews - Rain848
Joey Burris - JTthePrince
Farrah Neufield - JourdanBabyXoXo
Fiora Copenhagen - Tizian
Reo Hakimoto - Kgamer2218
Angelina Wayland - Maya10
Moe Wilson - UnicornChicken
Angel Bellamy - Symmetry888
Raylei Yao - JennaValentina
Shay Martin - Noxity
Martin Hudspith - Hudspith
Alex Barr - Awesome2210
Sophia Wilcomes - Pokepat

Ep1: Riley Denin - LEANNA
Ep1: Peyton Prescott - Dmpwb45
Ep1: Chelle King - Dvs194
Ep1: Cameron Woolard - Top20Fan33
Ep1: Kam Blackwell - PoohSnap (Poofed)
Ep2: Sawyer Stockwell - Logie56

Season One Teaser

101: Kids In America
102: The Shack

Featured Players 16 playing

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102 - "The Shack"
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Season One Applications
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Episode 2 and 3 Information
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The Defenders Season 2
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101 - "Kids In America"
3773 postsCreated by Finnick on 1016 days 7 hours ago
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1007 days 8 hours ago

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