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-Janelle Monae (Kaseyhope101) #TeamJanelle
-Ariana Grande (NicoleF) #TeamAri
-Beck (SurvivorFreak13) #TeamBeck
-Lady Gaga (DJ2722) #TeamGaga

And our advisor Tori Amos! (BluJay112)

Blind auditions :
People audition one by one, and the coaches decide whether they want them or not, by pressing their buttons or not. Depending on how many coaches press their buttons for them, they get to pick which coach they want. If no one turns, they’re out (but get to audition again!) if only one coach picks them, they’re automatically on that team.

Once the teams are filled, the coaches will put all their members in duos, aka their battles. As mentioned, you likely won’t be able to stay as the same person throughout this competition, because with the coaches feedback, every battle will be covers of a certain song, and whichever battle partner does a better job at that song, wins! Every coach will give their feedback on the battle, but obviously the ultimate decision is by the coach themselves. Every coach has 2 steals, but they can’t steal from their own team.

Much like the battles, the remainder of the teams will pair people together, but UNLIKE the battles they don’t have to pick the same songs. Now only coaches have 1 steal, and they can’t steal from their own team again.

Now it’s mostly up to America! The remainder of the teams have no specific competition anymore besides EVERYONE. Might do wildcards, might not, but either way you all sing, and this is where our judgements matter. We start our rating system now, where we give everyone a 1 out of 5 (or 10) and that will be how many extra points they get to their percentage polls. 2 people get voted through to the top 12, and 1 is decided by the coaches themselves.

TOP 12-TOP 5 :
Basically the equivalent to the live playoffs, but the bottom 3 gets to sing for the Tengaged blog instant save! Where Tengagers will vote for who their favorite was, and then when it’s the bottom 2, the coaches will pick who they want to stay in the game. If it ties, it goes to the poll percentages.

Everyone will sing twice, and the judges scores count as double. It’s do or die time!!!

-Re Kembesor - RollingDerp (1 Chair Spin)
-Chloe Chinde - Rory17 (2 Chair Spin)
-Toya Mars - BritishRomeo17 (2 Chair Spin)
-iTy Hendrix - iTy990 (1 Chair Spin)
-Selena - Aquarius_ (3 Chair Spin)
-Alexis Ahora - QueenMichelle (2 Chair Spin) - STEAL
-Jorja Raye London - hazbez94 (4 Chair Spin) - STEAL
-Kylie Blue - SummerRae101 (4 Chair Spin) - STEAL

-Brianna Mimi - Boozes (4 Chair Spin)
-Victoria Joyce - joaogdh (2 Chair Spin)
-Living Ting - imopink1 (1 Chair Spin)
-Aurora Belarchy - Rubes (2 Chair Spin)
-Mariah Carey - aria_grande (1 Chair Spin)
-Queen Legend Icon - Garrievans97 (2 Chair Spin) - STEAL
-Lisa Wong - AintItFun (3 Chair Spin) - STEAL
-Silver Adams - Silver09 (2 Chair Spin) - STEAL

-Birkaran Dhillon - Birks4444 (4 Chair Spin)
-The Winner - DrG2 (3 Chair Spin)
-Emmett Kush - Emmett4 (1 Chair Spin)
-Wes Apollo - Bluejay7622 (3 Chair Spin)
-Dzelena Volko - Vecu (3 Chair Spin)
-Ok-Hwa Jetski - RobbyJak (2 Chair Spin)
-Rose Garcia - FoxyWinters (3 Chair Spin) - STEAL
-Viola Winston - VictoriaW (4 Chair Spin) - STEAL

-MITCHELL “FRAG” FRAGMAN - Praknasty (1 Chair Spin)
-Lena-Rose - LenaRose (2 Chair Spin)
-Brendan Murray - UnicornChicken (1 Chair Spin)
-Missy Rockwood - DanielleDonato (3 Chair Spin)
-Aria Grande - Aria_Grande (4 Chair Spin) - STEAL
-Michelle Banks - Michelle990 (4 Chair Spin) - STEAL
-Brandon H. - Brandonh1 (3 Chair Spin) - STEAL

-Coco Wriley - Cookie_13 (1 Chair Spin) #TeamAri
-Zhavia - Ajathekween (2 Chair Spin) #TeamJanelle
-Ricky Septune - wwecmw (1 Chair Spin) #TeamGaga
-Stephanie Jackson - Rubes (3 Chair Spin) #TeamAri
-Monique Kyzvalis - MvrshmallowCat (1 Chair Spin) #TeamBeck
-Zyler Saint - MJFJUNE (2 Chair Spin) #TeamBeck
-Becca Theany - coolKat (2 Chair Spin) #TeamAri
-Nike Hayes - DanielleDonato (1 Chair Spin) #TeamAri
-Kyle Wyatt - RedSkanto (1 Chair Spin) #TeamBeck
-Michael Molo - FairyBoss (1 Chair Spin) #TeamBeck
-Super RasCity - RasCity (3 Chair Spin) #TeamBeck
-Mandy Mott - imprincearthur (3 Chair Spin) #TeamGaga
-Brendon Urie - IslandSurvivor (3 Chair Spin) #TeamGaga
-Sarah LeMansey - Tommy123 (1 Chair Spin) #TeamGaga
-Stormer Summers - Ajathekween (1 Chair Spin) #TeamAri
-Mariah Rae Spears - Kelly0412 (3 Chair Spin) #TeamAri

-Jayden Vargas - jjvawesomeness0511 (1 Chair Spin) #TeamGaga


TOP 12 :

Featured Players 5 playing

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