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634 days 2 hours ago
This is officially cancelled. I apologize on behalf of myself and the other judges for not caring enough about this as we should have. Kasey is the only judge to have been consistent with judging all of the performances on time, so this isn’t her fault, so I do highly recommend applying for her BB group game.

On that note, this game was very difficult to deal with being that not only was I being bullied by NicoleF every waking moment, but with outside events influencing my time, it was very stressful to keep up with the game. I apologize to the contestants who have made it this far all for nothing, but I really enjoyed meeting most of you, and hopefully we stay in touch.

Again, sorry on behalf of all of the judges. K bye.
634 days 2 hours ago
I hate to admit it, but this is dead, and even if I did try to make it work.. we started 100 days ago and we haven’t even finished the live playoffs...
633 days 21 hours ago
RIP... I probably wasn't gonna make it to lives anyway but I'm glad y'all have finally decided to just discontinue the competition. It has been a long time coming.
633 days 19 hours ago
Cry me a river left the coach chat once TG exposed your blogs making fun of Matt64’s depression. That was during auditions. Don’t act like you’re a victim when the only communication I’ve had with you post-audition phase is telling you to judge.

If this is cancelled it’s cause of you. Everyone judges Team Beck EXCEPT you but yet you have enough time to cancel this group game without the other judges’ consent. I agree at this rate it’s probably dead and cancelled but it’s cause you and Dylan (Beck) got inactive the past round.

I admit the battles and knockouts weren’t pretty for me but I was going through high school graduation prep and shit and everything with college. Ever since the lives started I’ve been free and open cause it’s summer again!

There’s no one to blame but yourself and no one ever bullied you. If you think bullying is me saying that you wasted your wildcard then you’re a wuss who’s wrong. An example of bullying is you making fun of Matt’s depression...and look now?! He’s dead...suicide because he was bullied online and irl. You’re one of the causes and I hope it haunts you forever. You’re not a good person and I have 0 sympathy for or towards you. Be gone. Bye.

After The Voice finished, Kasey already said American Idol would be next with the same panel but with one difference...Nick (Tori) replacing you!
633 days 16 hours ago
Alexis Ahora was going to win & that's that on that
633 days 13 hours ago
Eddie, I really think that you’re just mentally ill, so I’m not going to make fun of you. But I’d like to argue some of your points.

About me quitting early in the game, yes I was going through a lot with the Matt situation and I genuinely couldn’t handle this site. I got over it, I forgave myself, so for you to bring up the Matt situation is really a low blow and it’s an unneeded argument.
Secondly, I really think it’s funny that you are blaming me for this being cancelled. Yes I didn’t judge this last round because I was tired of the shit, and I had a lot going on in my personal life. For one, I had graduation, and I went on vacation, so I’m sorry that I have a personal life to attend to?
Next, I’d like to clarify that I didn’t cancel this without talking to Kasey. If you’d like I can show you screenshots of her telling me that I can make a forum saying this was cancelled.
Also, I think it’s rather hypocritical that you are saying that myself and Beck are to blame for this being cancelled due to the fact that you also took over a week to judge. Settle your teapot hunny.
And lastly, I am fully supportive of Kasey moving on with a new group without me. I genuinely would turn down an offer to judge again after this experience. She is one of my best friends and I’m not bitter or angry or anything so you can stop trying to drive a wedge between our friendship because it’s not going to work.

Thank you, move along.
633 days 13 hours ago
the judges kasey chose were literally incompetent and biased towards anything that wasn't bland pop

no wonder it flopped, the coaches stopped caring and were idiots (except kasey)
633 days 11 hours ago
Shame that we couldn't finish the season. Guess I'll have to find another group. Later!
633 days 1 hour ago
633 days 1 hour ago
Can judges that don't like the game be replaced or something? Can we PLEASE continue? Not everyone wants it cancelled.
633 days 1 hour ago
You coaches are severely underestimating how fun this game is to be a part of, please reconsider. It is summer now, so we should be able to be on a faster pace.
632 days 22 hours ago
birks the coaches are literally idiotic this is dead as fuck
632 days 15 hours ago
Oof the hostility. Chill tf out. Go outside 🤷‍♂️
632 days 6 hours ago
632 days 2 hours ago
y’all hear sumn cause all I hear is someone who quits tg to come back dramatically and has no versatility in artists
632 days 1 hour ago
Wait, have we met? No? K bye.

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