M&N's Survivor: Sweden - Dynamic Duos

Congratulations to Jake B. (Lemjam6) on winning Survivor: Sweden - Dynamic Duos!

20th: Ryan B. (ryan5676) [Malmo] (6-2-1)
19th: Ty M. (J0K3R) [Malmo] (4-3-1)
-----TRIBE SWAP-----
18th: Blair W. (Glinda) [Uppsala/Vasteras] (4-1)
17th: Chance P. (WannaBeFriends) [Malmo/Malmo] (4-1)
16th: Haylee H. (Kaylabby) [Uppsala/Vasteras] (3-1)
15th: Chris M. (chris2pei) [Malmo/Vasteras] (2-1)
-----TRIBE SWAP-----
14th: Max A. (Maxi1234) [Malmo/Uppsala/Uppsala] (3-2-1)
13th: Octavia B. (Jameslu) [Uppsala/Uppsala/Malmo] (4-2)
-----MERGE + JURY-----
12th: CJ F. (FrenchMaid) [Malmo/Malmo/Malmo/Kiruna] (5(0)-3(0)-2-1(0)) - 1st Member of the Jury
11th: Chris B. (Mybash_) [Malmo/Malmo/Uppsala/Kiruna] (4-4-1-1/5-3) - 2nd Member of the Jury
10th: Kamani W. (Ramanik) [Uppsala/Uppsala/Malmo/Kiruna] (5-4) - 3rd Member of the Jury
9th: Jeff R. (coltsfan876) [Uppsala/Uppsala/Uppsala/Kiruna] (Quit)
8th: Tyler M. (bamold1999) [Malmo/Vasteras/Malmo/Kiruna] (4-2-2) - 4th Member of the Jury
7th: Max T. (EmzThorne) [Uppsala/Vasteras/Malmo/Kiruna] (4-3) - 5th Member of the Jury
6th: Austin B. (Webly) [Malmo/Malmo/Uppsala/Kiruna] (5-1) - 6th Member of the Jury
5th: Marissa W. (winner132) [Uppsala/Uppsala/Uppsala/Kiruna] (4-1) - 7th Member of the Jury
4th: Vivian L. (ElectraViv) [Uppsala/Vasteras/Uppsala/Kiruna] (2-2/1-1/Drew Purple Rock) - 8th Member of the Jury
-----FINAL THREE-----
Second Runner-up: Martin M. (marthean) [Uppsala/Uppsala/Malmo/Kiruna] - Received 1 vote to win
Runner-up: Andy F. (amf7410) [Malmo/Malmo/Uppsala/Kiruna] - Received 3 votes to win
Sole Survivor: Jake B. (Lemjam6) [Uppsala/Malmo/Malmo/Kiruna] - Received 4 votes to win

Skype of the two hosts:
OldNewz -> oldnewz12
Pieguy555 -> Pieguy555 [Eagle Pic]

Application: http://www.tengaged.com/group/7634
Rules: https://tengaged.com/group/8541-mns-survivor-sweden/forum/topic/22362494
Series Wiki: http://mns-survivor-series.wikia.com/wiki/M%26N%27s_Survivor_Series_Wikia
History: http://www.tengaged.com/group/8541/forum/topic/18294324
Confessional Group: http://www.tengaged.com/group/8546

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