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Music Olympics - The New Generation

Congrats Sweden (PennyTrationStan) for winning season 2!


Inspired to Eurovision Song Contest, welcome to the new generation of Music Olympics!

This a week long season game which players are represent that given country and must send a song from an artist from that country.

Since we restart this game, claiming countries will only happen during debut season & world qualifiers with the scheduled time. Player are only allowed to represent one country during the season.

- Music video has to be either sung by someone from that country, made by someone from that country, or have a blood related from the parents living/roots on that country.
- A band or a collaboration can represent the country if at least one of members is from the selected country
- Cover songs can not participate in the competition.
- You can't reveal which country you are representing to anyone until the official reveal of the results. (2 strikes)

- It is compulsary to give their opinions to the entries even your own entry. Failed to do will deduct 25% of their score. 

- Voting system will be in Eurovision style: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12.
- Votes must be sent only to the host. 
- It is strictly prohibited to trade votes. (2 strikes)
- Failed to send their votes within the given deadline will deduct 50% on their score. (1 strike)

- Player received 4 strikes will result ejection to the group.

Have fun, enjoy! :)

- Starting season 2, it is highly appreciated to send official music video but in case you cannot find anything it's allowed to send audio/lyric video or live performance.
- Starting Season 4 which is WORLD QUALIFIER season. All points from season 1-3 will be tallied and the top 10 countries are automatically qualified for another 3 seasons. They cannot join WQ since they already qualified. Players must pick countries they want to represent during WQ.
- Starting Season 4/WQ, winning player and runner-up on that season have a power to CHOOSE country they want to play next season. They're not allowed to do a back to back country though.


Confirmed for Season 3

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Music Olympics - The New Generation

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