Barbiies Big Brother! GIFT PRIZE

Welcome to my season of Big Brother! This game of Big Brother isn't like any other season. 13-16 Houseguests will be entering the game! Each week there will be an HoH Competiton, Veto Competition, and Eviction! There will be twist after twist after twist! In the end there will be only one winner! Start Applying! You wont be disappointed! Prize or T$ prize will be given at the end of this game! :)

1st. Skye - skyeee123

16th: Brandon - bsmith804
15th: Harry - harrywasnak
14th: Tyler - jbreezy <- expelled because of inactiveness
13th: Tanner - potatosalad
12th: Andrew - andr31
11th: Cupcake - pookiie
10th: Matt - renegade4ever
9th: Jeff - jeff2k20
8th: Austin - batmantdi
7th: Jon - xrain_shooter
6th: Brady - bradyspaulding16
5th: Jay - jaybirdnifty
4th: Marissa - winner132
3rd: Daniel - danielzsnooz
2nd: Asher - survivorgame1

~~~ Updated after every ceremony/competition/eviction ~~~ UPDATED (FINAL TWO)

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280 postsCreated by Barbiie on 1218 days 21 hours ago
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1218 days 11 hours ago
Day 60: Season Questions / Thoughts
25 postsCreated by Barbiie on 1222 days 1 hour ago
Last post by winner132
1218 days 21 hours ago
Uh I work tomorrow until like 10 PM CST
7 postsCreated by winner132 on 1219 days 22 hours ago
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1218 days 21 hours ago
Day 58 - 60: Jury Questions
135 postsCreated by Barbiie on 1223 days 22 hours ago
Last post by Jaybirdnifty
1220 days 5 hours ago
If any of you are survivor fans...
2 postsCreated by Jaybirdnifty on 1222 days 21 hours ago
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1222 days 21 hours ago

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Barbiies Big Brother! GIFT PRIZE

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