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Survivor: Yeehaw Island

Congrats to Bryjow123 for winning
Bad job to Ethan000 for getting last place
Cole died Leukimia

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16 castaways are flown across to the homeland of Poland, where 30% of the landmass is covered by Forests. Here, they will be left to live, eat, and survive in the forests as they battle the wildlife and each other in a Survivor game the brings back the basics! That's right, it's back to the basics! They will be separated into two tribes, in which they will battle it out and eventually merged together where the individual game will begin. Cole's Survivor is back, and it's a whole new series. 16 are here to play, but only one will walk out victorious and earn the title of The Sole Survivor of Poland!

39 Days

16 Castaways

1 Survivor

Gopleranian (Orange Buffs)

Andy Falgar / amf7410
Sim Anderson / somebodyawesome   
Chris Sheridan / C_Shizz96

3 Remain, Who Will Be Vote Out Next?

16th: Dave “Sharpee” Sharpe / wisconsinite96 (6-2) (Pomeranian)
15th: Noah “Time” Shannon / penz87 (8-0) (Goplans)
14th: Austin “Showerman” Showers / wildboy12 (5-1-1) (Pomeranian)
13th: Nick “NJ” Johnson / NJkoda1998 (3-2-2) (Goplans)
12th: Sydney Deadman / Guigi (4-2) (Pomeranian)
11th: Robert “Rob” Gracyn / robulusjgreisonne (4-1-1) (Goplans)
10th: Matt Fores / mrcool (5-3-1-1) (Goplans/Gopleranian)
9th: Jordan Gerrard / serenityfirefly (7-1-1) (Goplans/Gopleranian)
8th: Chris Oskooi / BlueU22 (5-3) (Pomeranian/Gopleranian)
7th: Lukas Ess / sirniceguy  (5-1-1) (Pomeranian/Gopleranian)
6th: Cedric Randall / teamjacz (3-2-1) (Goplans/Gopleranian)
5th: Bubba Gump / duffybutt11 (2-1-1-1) (Pomeranian/Gopleranian)
4th: Edgar Ponce / chibideidara (2-1-1) (Goplans/Gopleranian)
Runner Up:
Sole Survivor:

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Final 4 immunity
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2135 days 1 hour ago
Survivor Poland Finale
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2187 days 22 hours ago
Tribal Council #12 (Gopleranian)
18 postsCreated by Cole91 on 2194 days ago
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2192 days 21 hours ago
Individual Immunity #6
44 postsCreated by Cole91 on 2194 days 7 hours ago
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2194 days ago
*Catches Fish*
1 postCreated by chibideidara on 2194 days 7 hours ago
Last post by chibideidara
2194 days 7 hours ago

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