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Welcome, queens, one and all, to the time of your lives:
Tengaged Drag Race Six. Now airing on Slice!
This season's prize is:
A half eaten tube of signature Gemma brand lipstick.
Someone might gift you at some period in time eventually.

1st: Floss [boyfriend]
2nd: Nineteen [doodyful]
3rd: Sommers Eve Dush/Fat [Brandonator]
4th: Viktoria Wolanski [Insanity]
5th: Kali [_Aria]
6th: The Colour Byzantium [konohavillage1]
7th: Ms. Charlize Faux [KingGeek]
8th: Soap D'Spensére [Zoeygasms]
9th: Diana [donaam]
10th: Emcee [Hannah_Banks2250]
11th: Katie Manson [bigdizzleyomama]
12th: Kits Harpo [savannah19]
13th: Bawtta Bing [LiteCitrus]


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~ the finale !
3 postsCreated by Slice on 966 days 4 hours ago
Last post by doodyful
964 days 11 hours ago
7 postsCreated by Stering_butter on 983 days 9 hours ago
Last post by Brandonator
967 days 4 hours ago
Runway 9
21 postsCreated by Slice on 1010 days 6 hours ago
Last post by KingGeek
1008 days 20 hours ago
Challenge 9: I don't want to be... a merderer.
9 postsCreated by Slice on 1015 days 3 hours ago
Last post by Insanity
1010 days 8 hours ago
Challenge 4: Snatchedt house down boots, Ru.
11 postsCreated by Slice on 1044 days 5 hours ago
Last post by konohavillage1
1017 days 7 hours ago

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