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  1. when is bb21 cast reveal
  2. Roshy is racist
  3. Lock in fighterman please :)))))
  4. Popple donut actua le
  5. Who wants mint hair????
  9. Rly not gonna let me sleep?
  10. Memorial Day is dumb
  11. The 100 is racist
  12. Congrats Canada
  13. Who finna catch these hands in frooks?
  14. Unfilter me
  15. Too Much To Give, Not Enough To Lose
  16. Guys remember when
  17. I need to pass a drug test in 96 hours
  18. 10, 9, 6, 6
  19. I just find it hilarious AS FUCK
  20. Why did you split for 16th?
  21. Anybody wanna play 2k19?
  22. I'm 1566 karma away from the HOF
  23. Who wants a gift?
  24. Tengaged really fucks up my Zen
  25. Imagine typing an essay
  26. "HoW iS BrItT BrItT fAkE"
  27. Is it time to end a streak?
  28. Tag somebody
  29. Anybody else notice
  30. Name 3 people better than me at frooks
  31. Takes 12 days off of frooks
  32. join frooks
  33. Imagine using multis in stars
  35. Join survivor
  36. Who wants a gift?
  37. Almost all of the "Most Loved" in the..
  38. Obsession is like
  39. Black Mirror is the pinnacle of T.V
  40. Anyone wanna play scoderk?


1stApr 14, 2019 by zakisaboss
Me: "Hey brittbritt hey sam_hamwich if we dont vote @ethan00000 today then me or cheeseman2468 may lose our streaks this merge bc iybf Ethan classicaz5 and littlemix are all clearly a voting block"

brittbritt & sam_hamwich : "omg ur just being paranoid again we can get numbers on ANYBODY AND WE HATE TIFFANOX3 EVEN THO SHE HAS LITERALLY ALWAYS VOTED WITH US SHES GOTTA GTFO HERE"



Literally the only part of getting voted out of vivor that annoys me is that I warned my allies of 22 merges that I was in serious risk and they ignored me and essentially let the exact thing I warned against happen


They鈥檝e really had ur back though and they were getting attacked last night over it
Sent by Blitszims,Apr 14, 2019
Robbed :(
Sent by Thumper91,Apr 14, 2019
Bitches are so jealous of Ms. Tiffany
Sent by DaddyDev,Apr 14, 2019
if u think they didn't know about this then you are a fool.
only way to take you out without blood on their hand.
Sent by FighterMan,Apr 14, 2019
kinda tea fighterman....
Sent by iYBF,Apr 14, 2019
Fighterman TEA i told Zak same thing!!! Britt really has been fake af to me. She begggggged me to join and help n promised i wouldnt even be considered a vote. She would be soooo loyal n this n that. #GirlPower bullshit. Lol BITCH WHERE
Sent by tiffanox3,Apr 14, 2019
Honestly that tribe literally fell apart the moment Britt got on it.
Sent by tiffanox3,Apr 14, 2019
Oh my fighterman/aes/pancakes/evita/Alf/etc tribe we never let shady people on the tribe for long so this kind of stuff wouldn鈥檛 happen.
Sent by unkown,Apr 14, 2019
The leaving tg for 24 hours to appear angry then log on 20 seconds before dc was my fav part of the story. tiffanox3 馃樀馃
Sent by FighterMan,Apr 14, 2019
Bitches are so jealous of Ms. Tiffany
Sent by Birks4444,Apr 14, 2019
I understand the frustration, but that was not happening literally at all if y'all weren't trying to be secret about voting me out. And I was promised loyalty and all that jazz from Britt and Evan when they asked me to join, so if we could've all just worked together like I thought we would have, literally none of this would have happened.
Sent by Ethan000,Apr 14, 2019
this is why we should join together
im loyal
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Apr 14, 2019
when i get voted out ill join with you <3
Sent by Thumper91,Apr 14, 2019
Are we shocked?
Sent by Bambino,Apr 15, 2019
You know, if y鈥檃ll didn鈥檛 vote me off THINGS might鈥檝e been different!
Sent by Bluejay7622,Apr 15, 2019
So sorry Zak :(
Sent by nickgqc,Apr 15, 2019
Oh shiit
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,Apr 15, 2019

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