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Been under so much pressure lately

Nov 22, 2021 by sihz
my chest pain is finally back and i just cannot WAIT to see the results, hopefully before Christmas. The process of getting everything together is kinda beautiful but it does get overwhelming when you are doing many things at once and trying to do them all the best you can.

Anyways, how was everyone's monday?


Relatable! I hope it gets a bit easier for it soon king
Sent by Tommeh208,Nov 22, 2021
hope it gets better for you soon!
Sent by abstractjay,Nov 22, 2021
youre great Tommeh, i saw my tags <3 hope youre doing good king! tommeh208
Sent by sihz,Nov 22, 2021
thank you very much, i appreciate it! abstractjay
Sent by sihz,Nov 22, 2021

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