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Cis men on this site (and its plenty of them)

Sep 22, 2021 by sihz
deciding that it is extra to change "come on in guys" when theyve never been excluded from colloquial speech like women have, I have to laugh.

I only care about what women on here think about it honestly, SPEAK UP LADIES!


tea. It really isn't our place LOL
Sent by Danger,Sep 22, 2021
so cringe to see ppl up in arms about something so harmless.
Sent by DJ4460,Sep 22, 2021
i don't really care but i think its sooo embarrassing when people react SO strongly against mostly harmless efforts to be more inclusive. like you look batshit insane if you're like THE LIBERALS HAVE STOLEN EVERYTHING FROM ME AND NOW THEY WANT TO TAKE JEFF PROBST SAYING COME ON IN GUYS TOO
Sent by boyfriend,Sep 22, 2021
I didn't watch yet, but honestly, "Come on in guys" has never bothered me, as well as people saying "hey guys" in person. To be honest, I'm more bothered by people saying gals, that makes me cringe.
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Sep 22, 2021
Guys has never and will never bother me and honestly I think it's a bit ridiculous to change.
Sent by Druhhbby2,Sep 22, 2021
fair enough ladies, all points are welcome here boyfriend cheritaisdelicious druhhbby2
Sent by sihz,Sep 22, 2021
My only thought of annoyance was the queer woman said she was okay with it and not bothered at all, but the man says its offensive and jeff creams.
Sent by Jaxon,Sep 22, 2021
I guess also its just annoying to see talks of covid, this conversation brought up twice, despite it allegedly being back to basics theres like 5 new twist in just the premiere...

Like its kinda just a shit first episode and Im annoyed as a whole.
Sent by Jaxon,Sep 22, 2021
As a woman, like Evvie, I have to wonder if it's just our tendency to be passive and try not to offend men. We know that men are sensitive. It's also why we shiver all summer in the A/C, wearing a cardigan, lest the men should suffer momentary warmth. Don't worry, Dave, I like my sweater in July.

Then today, my son was tagged out of a sports game by a girl. And I realized I wasn't going to say "I saw that kid tag you", because the word kid actually leans masculine, and it seemed important to specify it was a girl.

I'm fine with "Come on in!" Jeff had used it before plenty of times. What bothers me is that he made such a big deal, and now fans may hate Ricard for being the guy who killed "guys". Also I'm glad he just dropped the "guys" and didn't change it to "folx with an x" or anything else awkward and glaring.
Sent by Tryphena,Sep 23, 2021

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