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  1. Ugh thank u so much for the gift
  2. some1 gift me rich versace on iscotty's shop
  3. my poor wig.................
  4. Fifa World Cup starts tomorrow
  5. I have a dilemma
  6. This is the funniest thing ive ever seen
  7. Kim Jong-Un & Trump's reunion
  8. youre welcome
  9. do you get a little
  10. so is BB gonna be all stars 2?
  11. runs to
  12. I just wanna express
  13. PYN
  14. And the police car
  15. Thanks for the gift
  16. Not all heroes wear a cape
  17. I cant believe
  18. Black Velvet
  19. Today is an important day
  20. Daily reminder
  21. Whats all the issue
  22. where can i watch survivor africa
  23. Heart of palms
  24. Can we talk about
  25. Laurel should have been swallowed.
  26. why is sebastian so damn ugly
  27. Laurel's speech is legit awful
  28. does any1
  29. hello tengaged
  30. :o
  31. An alternative outcome of the Royal Wedding..
  32. Cant believe
  33. Men shouldn't have the right to breathe
  34. Do u ever get shaky
  35. Let's settle the debate of the century..
  36. When is
  37. Never go shopping with a woman
  38. cant believe that joke of a song won Eurovision..
  39. this is the best thing ive seen today
  40. Correct RPDR 10 top 6 ranking

Not sure if i should believe in the ouija boards

Jan 2, 2018 by sihz
This was indeed creepy as hell but couldnt help but laugh at one point lmfao and the comments are even more ridiculous "please protect my family and everyone who comments on this video" lmfao get outta here


I used the ouija board once and it told me “A H M E D    D A T E D   A   M A N”
Sent by Maybelline,Jan 2, 2018
Sent by Admir,Jan 2, 2018

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