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The Top 5 Things I Didn't Expect in the Survivor: Second Chances Premiere

Sep 24, 2015 by rileythepegasus101

#5: Shirin apparently learning calligraphy in Ponderosa on Worlds Apart. I don't remember her handwriting being so immaculate!!

#4: Peih Gee (Peggy or PG?) Being accused of stealing Abi-Maria's bracelet. Abi-Maria accusing someone, though? I TOTALLY saw that coming.

#3: Vytas getting voted out first. Who'da thunk it?! Shirin pretty much orchestrated that whole damn thing just from observation - Watch out Ta Keo XP

2: Kelley getting the idol! I was shocked to know that idols would be hidden in CHALLENGES instead of at camp, but it adds a sense of mystery to the unsuspecting players. For better or for worse, Kelley is DEFINITELY on my radar


...THE INTRO!!! They finally brought back the classic-style intro after so long!

...What's wrong? Think my opinion is fucked up? What did YOU never see coming during the premiere? Comment or get eaten by the adorable baby monkeys they showed during the episode!


I didn't see Shirin playing the game or even that triable was right after the challenge. I wonder if that is gonna be a new thing or if it was just for that day
Sent by superman11,Sep 24, 2015

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