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Fright in the Night Spring Break Episode 1: Sun Surf and Sand OPINIONS

Jun 8, 2015 by rileythepegasus101
Hi, It's me, RiRi,  and I play Rhiannon on Fright in the Night: Spring Break.  Here are some of my favorite moments!!

Favorite Moment: The sleepover, HANDS DOWN. It was so fun and I loved how everyone joined in. Thanks to Suzuki kgunzrok and Immy CaitlinBella for joining in!!
Least Favorite Moment: Nathan Slendie258 calling me a whale. While I really am good friends with the actor who plays Nathan in reality,  Nathan can be a bit of a narcissus in the show... He's my killer suspect...
Favorite Character Besides Your Own: Three way tie between Suzuki, Immy, and AJ flamergamer8 . These three are so sweet (and in Immy's case,  SPICYYY) and I hope that we all survive. Fingers crossed the writers keep us!
Thoughts On Episode?: This is, by far, one of my favorite SEASONS,  let alone episodes. I enjoy the premise of the season and how there is a mutual friendship between almost everyone and Victor Westyman557 . I cant wait to see the fallout after the reveal of JoJo's death...

Well,  until next time,  I'm RiRi, saying good night... And good times.



I'm not your favorite character plus I haven't spoke to Rachael once,the only people I talked to was Jojo AND AJ @rileythepegasus
Sent by coolKat,Jun 8, 2015
Sent by coolKat,Jun 8, 2015
coolKat Soon,  my child...
Sent by rileythepegasus101,Jun 8, 2015

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