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Hello (PARODY)

Feb 27, 2016 by rileythepegasus101
Disclaimer: This is social commentary based on AutismAwareness and SUPPORTAUTISM and their recent... actions. This isn't directed towards anyone else.

"Hello, I have a son named Tyler who has a severe form of autism. He is non-verbal and doesn't speak, but is somehow able to type somewhat intelligible mumbling sounds on his keyboard, which he miraculously knows how to use.

One of my friends told me that this site would work. We tried Zwooper, but it was much too classy for my son and he was kicked out. We were hoping that this site, with its homophobes and people posting their genitalia would be a great place for my son to learn social skills.

Also, how do I change my sons avatar? I want to make him look like a clown who got his face burnt like acid."



Lol omg
Sent by _ivyyy_445,Feb 27, 2016
Life scarringly good, this is like....completely tru and.....OMGA YOU USED MY NAME
Sent by TMtyler360,Apr 7, 2016
lol this is funny ;)
Sent by cereal222,Jul 5, 2016

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