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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Aug 13, 2015 by rileythepegasus101
*checks my tags*
GODDAMMIT Westyman557
1.) Age?: 16
2.) Single?: NOOOOPE
3.) Crushing? Yes...
4.) Sexuality?: Straight
5.) Favorite color?: PURPLE
6.) Favorite music?: EDM/Electronic
7.) Favorite band/artist?: Ellie motherfuckin Goulding.
8.) Talents?: Singing and comedy!
9.) In love?: Yes I am...
10.) Hobbies?: Gaming, fashion, singing... I'm a born entertainer ^-^
11.) Gamer?: YES!
12.) Swag/emo/scene?: Swag. I don't really fit in with any of these but this is the closest.
13.) Long/short hair?: Short ;-;
14.) Height?: Average... IDK I don't measure my height...
15.) Weight?: Pretty flabby XD about 120 pounds
16.) Eye color?: Hazel or honey or whatever they call that fucking shade...
17.) Hair color?: Honey blonde.
18.) Shirt color?: Most of my wardrobe is grey... I know, boring...
19.) Jeans or shorts?: Jeans. I'm a tad conservative (Whenever I decide to wear pants...)
20.) Get married? Not yet, but I'd like to!
21.) Have kids: I want some... just not right now...
22.) Get divorced?: N/A since I haven't gotten married
23.) Ever or still do wet the bed?: Oh, god... I was wetting the bed until I was 10 years old...
24.) Had or have depression?: I have had depression multiple times.
25.) Self harmed?: I have attempted it but chickened out every time.
26.) Thought of suicide?: Yep, I was admitted into a self help institution for this as well.
27.) Someone you love?: My sisters! DUH!
28.) Someone you hate?: sportsgeek12 for tryna accuse me of faking. At the end of the day you still sitting behind yo screen jealous and ratchet. *blows kisses*
29.) Dream job: Comedienne. I love making people laugh!
30.) Got tattoos?: No but why not have some?
31.) Got piercings?: I wish ;-; No.
32.) Worst day of your life?: Being admitted to a self help institution. But that's a story for another day...
34.) Best day of your life?: 16th birthday, first time I was able to walk outside as a real female
35.) Biggest fear?: Fear of the world ending... ;-;
36.) Biggest insecurity?: If I look pretty enough... but hell, that's like every day...
37.) Most painful memory?: Breaking my arm and leg SIMULTANEOUSLY. That made for some awkward Thanksgiving photos...
38.) Something you regret?: Shaving my fucking head cuz I can't afford fucking extensions.
39.) Hardest thing you had to do?: Probably transition... It was hard to come out to my family but it was totally worth it.
40.) Worst decision of your life?: Shaving my head ;-;


Sent by RobertGuajardo,Aug 13, 2015
Sent by DillyDally,Aug 13, 2015
Flabby? 120 isn't flabby....
Sent by pilatesgrl,Aug 13, 2015
But I'm fricking 5'7 and have a lot of loose skin cuz I was a bit plump
Sent by rileythepegasus101,Aug 13, 2015
I am the same height and weigh more than you. I was never fat though. Its all muscle.
Sent by pilatesgrl,Aug 13, 2015

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