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Had a weird dream PART 2

Dec 2, 2015 by rileythepegasus101
Dammit my mind is tryna tell me something.

-I was at an audition for some voice acting thing, and I was drawing something. Then, I went to look in the bathroom mirror to see if I was presentable and my teeth were all messed up. Like, some of them were pointing outwards and in the wrong places. Then, I decided to go back and draw another picture. Then, when I walked into the audition, I BECAME A DRAWING MYSELF. It was weird.

If anyone knows if this means anything, or if I shouldn't eat garlic bread before sleeping anymore, please let me know.




it means your insecure about how you look, at least thats hat ive read
Sent by XtremeNerd,Dec 2, 2015
You want to change you, and how you look, if not, maybe you should stop eating the garlic bread
Sent by Abnormal,Dec 2, 2015
Don't eat garlic bread anymore, xD
Sent by _ivyyy_445,Dec 2, 2015
You haven't been brushing your teeth...
Sent by MaggieWong,Dec 3, 2015

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