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PYN for an opinion (I was drunk last night)

6thOct 13, 2021 by rellizuraddixion

Danger - RJ I love u! And I think I follow u in snap. I love ur heart avatar and I love how blAck you are! You know what I mean

biminibonboulash - had to copy and paste Thais shit! Anthony your such a wonderful soul and unseen so joyful! I’m happy I met u! 🐐

Jessie_ - I know u bought that hair I love from my shop
And Thanks! I like how postive you are and genuine in what I see. U seem dope

Kaylabby - omg Kayla I remember when u were new here and I loved how spunky u were and still are! Ur personality is so out there I love it! One of my favorites on here would love to see u org!

ItsAlexia - Queen! Always coming in clutch! I think ur super nice andheloful! Ur avi always slays even when it’s basic!

ManniBoi - u play games! But I know I ain’t add u on snap but I will I’m just kinda busy and don’t wanna add u unless I can snap I properly! But ur another fave of mine

peace123 - the games we played together I enjoyed! U seem super tame compared to half the pepper on here! Seem like a person I’d share a joint with 👽

Robynn - I feel like I should know u b it I don’t have any memories that come to mind sorry

coreyants - a site OG Like myself! I like that u seem to stick to ur convictions even is it causes drama. I like u and remover voting u to win ur stars

titoburitto - I still remember that blonde hair i was suppose to post in my shop but I changed last min (still kinda feel bad about that) but I think ur so funny and amusing! Ur a unique I individual  and  that putting it mildly. Love how u seem pretty happy and unbothered

Jenna2010 - tengaged royalty has graced my blog!! Well I absolutely adore u sassiness u bring to this site! Always a joy to interact with and when u made HOF i was cheering 

Washed_Ravioli - my fellow long islander! I liked u in every game every game we played! U tug on my heart strings cause I think u got a lot going for ya! I was so happy u won that stars cause I was Pushing u and viper and Everyone was scared and y’all both made finals

salmaan - I feel ur just living ur best life saying how u feel unapologetically ! Never really spoke with u past the occasional  blog banter. But ur cool in my book. And yes! Danger knows what I meant

Lucas_RFS - don’t know u but thanks for the comment and I’m sure I’ll see u around more 

otaq - aye u killed it in my name game! It’s like U came from no where a with the win. Love seeming u on the blogs page and u seem chill

dannyjr0587 - one of the best people I met on this site! So happy u messaged me! I think ur low key funny, and ur Avis always make my day.

Arris - I seen u around for a while and I like what i see! Never played a game together but i could see myself working with u if we did!

Marilise - Christian!!! I love ur designs but I love u as a person even more! One of the people I can say changed my experience on here! ur one of the best allies I had and super trustworthy! Love how chill u are and ur a big city boy like myself <3


Me after 1 Whiskey Sour
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tito :)
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I love how blqck you are?? 💀💀
Sent by salmaan,Oct 14, 2021
You don't know me much, but.... hey
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(I was drunk last night)
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