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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

radical idea

Nov 30, 2021 by mathboy9
imageto increase game activity: abolish bets. this will require a complete restructuring of the t-conomy but it will force people to play games to obtain their precious pixels. another upside is that we dont have to see hordes of people complain every time somebody doesnt double their bet that they feel entitled to


wow korea did that to you?
Sent by ricktworick1,Nov 30, 2021
Ending the charity industrial complex, very high potential idea!
Sent by SurvivorFan37,Nov 30, 2021
maybe the games should be made fun again first
Sent by Symmetry888,Nov 30, 2021
pls no I can't win a game to save my life bets are my only source of income
Sent by Thnksfrthmmrs,Nov 30, 2021
I’ll just leave then
Sent by Fetish,Nov 30, 2021
does randomize even know we exist
Sent by Tryphena,Nov 30, 2021
ricktworick1 yes no free handouts
symmetry888 that is also a valid point
tryphena no thats why its radical
Sent by mathboy9,Nov 30, 2021

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