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Jun 29, 2019 by mahogany
imageLast time on LOVE ISLAND... another recoupling resulted in a SHOCKING double dumping, Nel neleh and Chandier heatherchandier you've been dumped. Now only 6 remain.

CURRENT COUPLES: (Girl and boy)
Nisha queenisha and Emmett emmett4
Kelly kelly0412 and Ruffles wavy_lays
Omarosa theomen and Tayvie highnoon

It's time to get GAY, islanders.

I need each of you to send IN PRIVATE the name of the person of the SAME GENDER AS YOU you would like to date more. So girls you are picking a girl... boys are picking a boy.

The boy and girl left OUT of the gay relationships will be DUMPED. If everyone of a gender is picked, they will ALL be safe, but if this happens with both genders the LAST person to send a name will be DUMPED.

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