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okay shayybayy Jul 15, 2019
imagenobody gives a fuck about you getting rammed off the road or quitting your stupid job

you promised us a vlog with certain ANSWERS - and this promise was made a WHILE ago now.


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idk Jul 4, 2019
image righttocensor when you have to resort to swinging your big fat man tits on video 2 get a laugh I really don't think there's much further to SINK
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. Jul 4, 2019
imageI have to break some sad, tragic news tonight but I have just received a text message on my cellular phone from Edinalda, MichelleObama 's mother, earlier this evening while waiting outside the school building, Thomas michelleobama was shot dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Last night on call Thomas confided in me that he felt like he was going to die the next day... Thomas was always a special girl like that, she was always having premonitions and talking about the future and drawing weird sketches. Here is one of Thomas's drawings. 16 confirmed tears for the 16 confirmed fatalities.

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Happy belated birthday Jul 3, 2019
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Blogs Page Love Island Episode 9 Jun 29, 2019
imageLast time on LOVE ISLAND... another recoupling resulted in a SHOCKING double dumping, Nel neleh and Chandier heatherchandier you've been dumped. Now only 6 remain.

CURRENT COUPLES: (Girl and boy)
Nisha queenisha and Emmett emmett4
Kelly kelly0412 and Ruffles wavy_lays
Omarosa theomen and Tayvie highnoon

It's time to get GAY, islanders.

I need each of you to send IN PRIVATE the name of the person of the SAME GENDER AS YOU you would like to date more. So girls you are picking a girl... boys are picking a boy.

The boy and girl left OUT of the gay relationships will be DUMPED. If everyone of a gender is picked, they will ALL be safe, but if this happens with both genders the LAST person to send a name will be DUMPED.
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Blogs Page Love Island Episode 8 Jun 29, 2019
imageLast time on LOVE ISLAND, Tayvie highnoon and Omarosa theomen were voted the most compatible couple, while Melinda melindamrskk and Emmett emmett4 recevied the least votes. Tayvie chose to dump MELINDA from the competition.
Now we DRAMATICALLY have only 3 women and 5 men... so it's time for a RECOUPLING and DOUBLE ELIMINATION.

Ladies, first come first served, like always. Pick ya man. Men two of you are about to get DUMPED.

Nisha queenisha
Kelly kelly0412
Omarosa theomen

Tayvie highnoon
Emmett emmett4
Nel neleh
Chandier heatherchandier
Ruffles wavy_lays

Nisha and Emmett
Kelly and Ruffles
Omarosa and Tayvie
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