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Hello, my name is Klementine Anastasia

Fasting: 1st
Casting: 2nd
Frookies: 1st
Crookies: 1st
Survivor: 1st
Hunger: 3rd
Stars: Never Played

"First category in 3...2...1... "
[1:18:16 AM] Clara Janine: Animal
[1:18:20 AM] Florina/Nick: saraj10

At the end of the day you gonna always be fat and miserable... WE CANT CHANGE THAT
Sent by Khianna,Aug 1, 2015

[8:40:31 PM] Florina Ibarra: i thot u were quitting
[8:41:01 PM] Clementine: sometimes it's best not to quit
[8:41:14 PM] Clementine: for example, you shouldn't have quit your weight watchers diet
[8:41:29 PM] *** Florina Ibarra has left ***

the cheat engine is called privilege and i SEE that shit on your desktop
Sent by mahogany,Dec 22, 2015

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My name is Victoria im 15 years old and I don't care what my momma says im gonna have a baby im gonna dres my baby in all brand name and if I CANT AFORD if then I guess im gonna still it my mom thinks im not ready to have a baby but I have everything my baby would need if my baby gets cold and it need a blanket its cool because I have it and if my baby needs clothes its alright I have tons of them and if my baby loses a pacifier I have three more im not having sex with just one not two but THREE different guys that's right im a player but its cool because I got it like that my life dream is to drop out of school to be on girls gone wild and to have MY baby and theres nothing my stupid mother can say to change my mind

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