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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


4thJan 23, 2021 by ilysuiteheart
I did not know Bryan was a minor. I鈥檝e already admitted that I was wrong, stupid and an idiot for not asking what his age and just assuming he was of age, what more do you want? Treating me like I鈥檓 some disgusting pedophile who actively seeks out minors and is attracted to young people isn鈥檛 right, either. You don鈥檛 beat wrong by doing wrong. Also, the purpose of the blog was not to defend my actions. If you read it, I clearly say where and how I fucked up. I simply was defending myself against the claim that I consciously and actively go after children because I do not. That鈥檚 all.

It鈥檚 hard to take some of you seriously when it seems like you鈥檙e just thriving off of the drama and trying to control the narrative.


Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Jan 23, 2021

sis.....its over
Sent by BB5lover,Jan 23, 2021
it's a bit ironic that you've spent all day saying shit like "enjoy the drama sweeties xD" and "i love a good scandal xD" and trying to tell people like BB5lover off for responding to you and now you're getting upset that "the drama" isn't in your favor
Sent by druu,Jan 23, 2021
This drama is boring and I missed the ass pic. :-(
Sent by Rizzy,Jan 23, 2021
I鈥檓 not gonna be the person to call you a pedo... but you do need to make sure the person is 18 before you send them messages like that. Plus, it wouldn鈥檛 hurt to ask for their consent.
Sent by NanoNerd,Jan 23, 2021
Yeah so what about the other person who鈥檚 come forward
Sent by konohavillage1,Jan 23, 2021
People are really fucking crusaders. Most of them engaged in nudes when they were minors I wouldn鈥檛 mind.

You know what you did was wrong and I know you鈥檒l learn and grow from it. It鈥檒l be old news next week
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jan 23, 2021
Damn ur a real victim now man
Sent by Electric,Jan 23, 2021
well... this aint it
Sent by OkSteven,Jan 23, 2021
Sent by Yaxha,Jan 24, 2021

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