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Jun 6, 2015 by iamtrey
Only tagging the people that i would vote to win with explantion why!
Bradyman7 i am pretty sure he is PNW so after the seahawks got robbed i would like to see a winner from this area

Oysterman11 he is in my rookies and he use to have a black avi which is now white so his avi is mixed like me :D

amf7410 i am pretty sure he has the most numbers in his user name of all the cast so this gives a huge advatage to him.

faygo The letters in his name would give me a high score in scrabble.

cfff I like how he is strong enough to survive without any vowels like go you!

macken Adj. The verb that describes any time i go to taco bell " i was macken on a gordita and chulpa as my crunch wrap supreme got cold."

TaylorStLouis i am pretty sure she works at Mcdonalds

EricCartman I actually played frooks with him before, so if i made it further than him in frookies then by logic i can make it longer in stars

jacksonjoseph99 WHO?

GentlemanG so i rember that 411 days ago i played a fasting with a low level and i think it was him so we totes have history...

EliotWhi i really like his gifs so i kinda hoping he can make it to finals with never talking just replying in links to a gif

ElectraViv No T no Shade but we use to have a love hate realtionship and now its all love good luck gurl

joaquint561 if he won stars his kpg would be a whole number so fingers crossed.

hujain BLue is my favorite color

pedalpandora494 He is going to enter the house a huge threat but from his previous stars game and his top blog already about stars i think the public will secure him a spot as #1

So yeah that is my prediction of the winner i can garuntee that one of my choices if not all will win stars. DO you agree with what i predicted comment below!


TYSM Iamtrey
Sent by ElectraViv,Jun 6, 2015
electraviv anytime gurl let me know if i can help you out in any way or if you ever up for a game :D
Sent by iamtrey,Jun 6, 2015
Haha hell yeah I do 50% off for you
Sent by TaylorStLouis,Jun 6, 2015
Taylorstlouis i will come by to get some chicken nuggets then :D
Sent by iamtrey,Jun 6, 2015
thanks < 3
Sent by amf7410,Jun 6, 2015
lmao :)
Sent by faygo,Jun 6, 2015
Sent by iamtrey,Jun 6, 2015
iamtrey thanks
Sent by faygo,Jun 6, 2015

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