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Tengaged in need of a Historian

Jun 15, 2015 by iamtrey
In the beggining of time people come and go and the HOF can only hold so much data. There are tons of feats that get lost in time, star games get forgotten only remembered by the users who played in them. Even then as years pass on those users to fade. So where does that leave the history of everyone? I am writing this blog to aleart you to a major issue that is facing the Tengaged community as me forward. This issue only gets worse each day! In the past we had holder who recored some stars history thank God!

Stars 1-40

Stars 41-80

Stars 81-120

With over 200 star games happening since then i ask you all where do we want to head forward from here? Do we cast away all the richness of star games to be lost in time or do we change that today? Who will stand up as the next Tengaged Historian, is it you?


There is a user with all the Stars games on their profile, I've just forgotten who it is. XD
They're not lost! But links don't record the history.
People create hype and value, not links, IamTrey
Sent by Yoshitomi,Jun 15, 2015
Yoshitomi it's SurvivoroftheTocans
Sent by GoodKaren,Jun 15, 2015
Stars 97:  Sw33t survives nominations for 4th and 5th to make the F3 and win this Stars.  Patrick319 comes in 2nd.  Cuuum gets 3rd.  Teehee…sw33t cuuum.

Sent by Patrick319,Jun 15, 2015

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