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Stars Assement

Jun 20, 2015 by iamtrey
These asseritions are completly relevent because an irrelevant noob such as myself will be saying them so please enjoy the judgements i have about this Stars cast!

AmandaP She is the front runner of this game, she already has top blogs about her and her kpg is like 2 to 1 so you know she is a game player. I suspect her to enter this house and make tons of chatzy's to make it to final 3! you got my support gurl.

mack3199 I looked at your profile and the only top blog i found was a vlog about your stars, you kept it to the size of a lengthy song a littel of 4 mins so you obviously know how not to be annoying this will work in your favor. I think what tengaged wants from you this stars is to really push the envolope and try for under 4 mins.

Tigger i see that you are in two relationships, maybe you can enter 5 more to make it to this stars finals

Sweet_susan woah everyone watch out for this Stars player 2 previous wins and with a name like sweet susan expect to bow down to a slaying Goddess!

wumblebee your name reminds me of a pokemon i would catch in the forest. "a wild wumblebee apeared should i run or fight"

etaco75 The only way you will win this is if you change your avitar back to a horse...

tennisplayer963 I started playing tennis and its not that hard so im kinda disapointed in the name choice, you should have chosen something like "extreame tenis player 4.0"

jhelsdon2478 You give me a Yu-Gi-Oh vibe but i just dont know if your heart is really in the cards.

Kentuckyy You and me have one thing in common. We can't spell so this will be hard for you when you are asking people for "alilancses"

bamold1999 you are ranked 5th on this site i have so many questions for you! 1. Do you go outside? 2. Is your best friend your mother? 3. Seriously have you seen daylight in the past week or even moved for that matter!?!?!?!?

DaBOMB 90's lingo only gets you so far in stars brah

EliOrtiz1234 #TheJoe

mattmon3365 Better luck next game? You are giving me a Kandy Ho of this cast...

Thetrumpetman423 are you going to play the trumpet in your vlogs for support? If not are you willing to play the piccolo?

JoeDaManXD You are at everyones favorite color Poop Brown so i am hoping you win so you can go buy yourself a nice solid black level.

Pegasus1234 "Give pegasus the bush" is your campaign but you align yourself with people like jayjet so are you really going to have the right allies to make it far in this game?


These are funny as fuck
Sent by AndThenThereWasOne,Jun 20, 2015
Jayjet is my friend :(
Sent by Pegasus1234,Jun 20, 2015
Top blog and #slay
Sent by LittleBrother123,Jun 20, 2015
lol we'll see about the vlog
Sent by mack3199,Jun 20, 2015
awww thx pega
Sent by jayjet,Jun 21, 2015
Sent by Brandt69,Jun 21, 2015

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