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11thSep 29, 2012 by faygo

Firstly i would like to say I'm sorry for what i did but I knew the only way I could EVER make a finals is going unnomminated. I had to shoot for the stars! I dont want this blog to be long so i will tell u what i was thinking everyday so YOU can be the judge and vote based on gameplay and not popularity and likeability.

16th - Nick and Dude Easy nommes as most ppl didnt trust dude and wanted him out.

15th - Amy and Sass - I knew it was the perfect time to nominate those 2 cause they were probably a F 2 and i wanted to break them up. When those nommes were revealed it was VERY easy to put the blame on qwert and bb5 since they were bffs and everyone knew that although they kept denying it.

14th Qwert and BB5 - I was a counter nom here so this was kinda an easy vote for me! I Nom with Amy to split up an obvious F2

13th Insanity and Jenzie - Easy nommes again everyone knew qwert/bb5/jenzie and insanity were close so we needed to break up that pair and well

12th Rawr and Fred. The real nommes were fred and Nick and counters were Rawr and hmzz. I decided to split just so i can see where everyone stood. Qwert and Corey were supposed to flip to be voting with us so i knew if they both flipped our nommes of nick and fred would still go through but if they didnt then our nommes would have failed. If the nommes had split however i knew 1 flipped and the other didnt. This was a crucial day for me. At day change when nick and fred were nommed i knew this is when i had to make my move to get rid of the WONDERSHEEP as Amy likes to refer to them.

11th corey and rawr - After 12th place nommes were revealed i realised i had to flip cause too many ppl were now going to amy and i didnt know where i stood in the totem. However before i told anyone Chem came to me saying he doesnt want rebel or Hamza (amy's noms) nominated and he thinks it would be best to flip which was perfect for me. I didnt have to do anything. Shortly after that a F4 chat was made with chem razor rebel and myself.

10th qwert and nick At this point all i wanted to do was to keep the 5 unnommed players safe so this was a pretty easy choice  Chem then came to me with a plan to get rebel and razor nommed so i went to them both and put doubts in there heads about chem but told them we needed to stick with him so we arent taken out 1 by 1 so he would be the first to go in the 5. I also told amy about chems plan and i told her our alliance needs to stick together but we need chem out ASAP

9th amy and corey Another easy choice since they were already nommed so i had to do what i had to do to get the unnommed ppl as far as possible. I was hoping Amy stayed cause I knew she wouldnt have nommed me. When she left i had to rethink my game so that corey would be the new Amy since it was suppose to be us 3 till the end

8th insinity and qwert - Again pretty simple nommes cause the unnommed ppl were just sticking together. Now this is where it got interesting. The unnommed ppl had to start getting nominated 1 by 1 cause i didnt wanna lose numbers!

7th corey and rebel ..... This was perfect. 1 side was doing rebel and razor and the other was doing corey and chem but i came up with the brilliant plan that if we nommed rebel and split the nommes we would break up the duo of rebel/razor and blame it all on chem so next round they would be targetting him.

6th qwert and chem - This was a simple nom set since i have been planning it for days and finally was able to get my way!

5th qwert and corey - I knew this was probably gonna be a tie but Hamza and i came up with the plan that i would go to corey and ask him to split with me and do drew and hamza and Hamza went to qwert and asked him to split to do corey/me while us 3 unnommed did corey/qwert so corey qwert would have had 4 votes each while me/hamza would have been on 3. I'm not sure who split but i think it was razor but it split to help me so I needed to regroup and try not to be nommed next

4th -  qwert and razor - I only did this so i could be the only 1 unnommed but apparently razor had the same idea so now here we are so please give me the chance to make finals. I know i didnt make it all the way unnommed like i was hoping at the beginning of the week but i was soooo close and i tried my best! It has always been a dream of mine and I am sooo close to achieving it.

GL Razor


hmm still waiting on razor lol
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Sep 29, 2012
You played an amazing game and I'm proud of you for it
You deserve to stay over Razor < 3
Sent by Wonderland,Sep 29, 2012
Good luck faygo, saved you...  Love ya!! < 3
Sent by Jenna2010,Sep 29, 2012
Sent by MarieEve,Sep 29, 2012
rebelman2227 You can see everything on this rebel. thank you so much for attacking me for something i didnt do. You can see how much you broke my heart.

Sent by Chemicalali,Sep 29, 2012
Oh and faygo you totally used me really good lol. betrayed my trust. I have no hard feelings.

I just want you to remeber that how you attacked me . I only threated to nom you. Look what you did to me? You made everyone believe i am a liar and such a bad person lol

I still say no hard feelings even after all the things you did. you played good but come on bro. Be more mature than last night please.

Best of luck
Sent by Chemicalali,Sep 29, 2012
good luck  +15  win this please
Sent by STOKES2009,Sep 29, 2012
Good luck!!
Sent by Megan,Sep 29, 2012
Sent by dools,Sep 29, 2012
woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow greg
Sent by Rebelman2227,Sep 29, 2012
Good luck @faygo!
Sent by Diva1,Sep 30, 2012
Oh Greg < 3 , I'm glad you actually played the game, and good too (: @Faygo
Sent by RawrItsNick,Sep 30, 2012
Gg greg!
Sent by capguy1,Sep 30, 2012
To be honest, it's just not wide to want to keep a group of people unnommed lol - yourself yes. You did good tho.
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Sep 30, 2012

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