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Hi Jan 3, 2020
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group game host Oct 23, 2018
is there anyone that is great like turney1805 someone that makes wiki page's and just goes all out when it comes to hosting??

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WTF Mar 12, 2018
What happen to #shop prices??
. I  remember the good old days with 1000T sells!!!

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BB19 Pre-Season Jun 19, 2017
This is my ranking & few thoughts

Christmas- I will be rooting for her hope she Wins     << god was i wrong about this (hate her now)
Dominique- I like her a lot she can do good as long as she don't turn in to a drama Queen
Mark- Reminds me of Gronk , I feel like his size will make him a target hope not
Matthew-he will probably work try working with Christmas
Kevin- he seems  way to chill for a guy from boston haha... don't think we have saw anyone like him on the show before.
Jessica- the guys will probably keep her around but i don't think she will do any good
Raven-shes ok
Jason- he knows nothing about the game but seems OK lol
Cameron- seems smart but i dont think he will fit in with this cast
Elena- Seems OK
Alex- she reminds me of paola (hate her )
Ramses- some where in the middle he will go out
Jillian- nothing to say ha
Megan- don't like
Josh- hope he is prejury
Cody- Hope he is first boot he is the worst!!! (was wrong he turned out to be ok)

This could all change once the season starts haha

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CHAMP!! Jun 8, 2017
TTRS Challenge 44: Battle of the Seasons
Winners: Team Survivor- faygo (Greg), Jxhn (John), Lemjam6 (Jake B), NJKoda1998 (Nick J)
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Thanks May 18, 2017
for the gift Jaylin
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